Setting up a portal

Setting up a portal

To set up a portal:

  1. Click Portal under the Deploy section.

  2. Click +Create.

  3. The portal configuration page will appear.

  4. Select the Application for which a portal has to be configured.

  5. Selecting hosting options for the customer portal:
    1. To use the default Zoho Creator domain, select Default Domain in the Portal URL section to use the default Zoho creator domain. Enter text in the subdomain field.

    2. To use a custom domain, select Custom Domain and specify the URL. The custom domain will have to verified, learn more here.

  6. Select an option under Portal Type. Learn more.
    • Public - Any user with the link to the customer portal can sign up and access it. Check the notification box to select users who will be notified for sign-ups.

    • Private - Only users invited by the admin of the customer portal can access it. Users cannot sign up for the portal on their own.

    • Restricted - The users have to sign up and get approved by an admin in order to access the portal. Check the respective notification boxes to select users or portal user for notification alert on sign-up. Checking the Auto approve Zoho CRM contacts will let users in Zoho CRM Contacts to be approved automatically.

  7. Select a Permission under Default Permission. The permission selected here will be assigned to users by default when they sign up.
  8. Upload an ICO file in Favicon section to set it as your portal icon.

  9. Click Create.

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