Configure portal type

Configure portal type

To configure portal type:

  1. Click Portal under the Deploy section.

  2. A list of portals will be displayed. Click on the required portal.

  3. Click Settings button.

  4. The Update Portal Settings tab will appear. The Portal Type option is used to select the type of portal from three available types : Public, Private, and Restricted.

  5. The default portal type is Public. In this type, anyone with the link to the portal can join the portal.

  6. In the private option, only the invited customers will be able to join the portal. You can also choose a default permission to be assigned.

  7. In the Restricted option, the customer can join only after their sign-up to the portal is approved. Check the respective notification boxes to select users or customers for notification alert on sign-up. Checking the Auto approve Zoho CRM contacts will let users in Zoho CRM Contacts to be approved automatically.

  8. After making the necessary changes, click Update. The new portal type will be displayed beneath the domain name.

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