Code sign iOS app for customers

Code sign iOS app for customers

Refer to this page for the iOS code sign prerequisites

To code sign your iOS application and enable push notification for customers, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Mobile section on the left pane and click the Mobile App tab.

  2. Click on the Create New Mobile App button. It opens the below slider.

  3. Select the Application Name from the dropdown and then under For Customers section, select iOS and Code Sign.

  4. In the For Customer - Code Sign slider, click on the Generate Client. This will open a Zoho Accounts link in a new tab and create a new client for the iOS app to communicate with Zoho Creator.
  5. Set your app's icon as required:
    • Use Default Icon will be selected by default
    • You can opt to Upload Custom Icon — a PNG file of 1024x1024 resolution.

  6. Upload your p12 file. Learn how to create p12 file.
  7. (Optional) Set p12 password.
  8. Upload the Provisioning Profile.
  9. If you want to enable Push Notification for the iOS app, toggle the button beside Push Notification. Else, skip to step 12.

  10.  In the popup, upload the APNS p12 file. Learn how to create APNS p12 file.
  11.  (Optional) Set APNS p12 password. Click the Enable button.

  12.  Click Code Sign. This process can take 10-15 minutes to complete and this will be shown with a timer, indicating the status of the process.

  13.  On successful completion, a success message will be displayed at the top.
  14. Navigate to the Mobile App tab and click on the corresponding row of the code signed iOS app. The For Customer - Code Sign pane will open on the right.

  15. Click the Download IPA button on the top right of the pane.

  16. Alternatively, navigate to the Mobile App tab and hover on the corresponding row of the code signed iOS app, it will show a three-dot action popup on the right side of the row.
  17. Click on the Download button from the popup.

  18. To upload the .ipa file to the Appstore, you need to create an app portal. Refer to this page to learn more about App Store Connect.
  19. Upload the .ipa file to App Store Connect via Transporter app.
  20. You can filter your code-signed apps based on the Application and type by clicking on the Filter option at the right side of your screen.

  21. The Type filter lets you filter apps based on User apps, Customer apps, iOS apps, and Android apps.

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