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Javascript removal - Announcement 2

This page is of importance for only those users who have been personally intimated. Others users please ignore.
Through the announcement here, we have requested our users to remove any javascript used in their applications as we wanted to remove support for javascript execution. We gave sufficient time for the users to remove the javascript and as per the announcement we have removed the support for any javascript execution with the update done on April 14, 2009. This operation was basically done as a security measure because javascript opens up a lot of security holes and make the applications insecure.

However, when doing so, we found that one or more of your applications still contained some javascript in them. So, if we stop javascript execution, your application(s) may stop functioning properly, so we added those applications which contained javascript to a special exclusion list, so that javascript in those applications will still function.
This is just a temporary setup and the special status given to your applications will be removed on 13th May 2009.

So kindly take steps to change the implementations and replace those javascript based solutions with alternative methodologies such that javascript is completely removed from your applications.
Some tools and links to help you with this process.

  1. You can find the javascript usage in your account with the help of the tool here( It will take some time to load ).
  2. You can know the list of application that are given special exclusion status using this tool here.
  3. Suggested alternatives for replacing javascript implementation can be found here.

If the suggested alternatives does not include your usecase or if you have any doubts regarding this, you can always get back to us for any help/suggestions. Our support mail id is

Also for those application with special exclusion status, you will find an additional option 'Allow Javascript' in the 'Application Settings' (EditMode --> MoreActions --> Application Settings). You can switch them on/off for testing whether the application functions properly without javascript.

Also, if an application installed from marketplace contains javascript, then the instructions on removing javascript for some of these marketplace applications can be found here. For the rest of the applications, you can contact the respective developers to get an updated version of application that do not use javascript. You can contact the developers either through the email id in their profile or in case of no mail id use the 'Send Message' link in their profile.

Once again, we like to stress that by 13th May 2009, special status given for your application will be removed and javascript in them will stop functioning. So, kindly take necessary steps before that.

We expect your kind cooperation in this regards.


Zoho Creator Team.

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