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Themes and Icons

Themes define the arrangement of application components and the color scheme of the application, viz., the colors that will be applied to the header strip, the component header, the buttons on the Forms, the overall font that will be applied to the application, the different styles that will be applied to the headers/tabs/component headers/forms/reports etc. Zoho Creator supports over 2000+ built-in icons that you can use for various components present in your application. You can set a theme and icon of your choice directly from the live application.


  • Themes and Icons can be configured only by the application admin and the members to whom the admin has granted access to edit the application.
  • Themes and Icons are supported only for new live enabled users. For clarifications, contact

Selecting a New Theme

To apply a new theme,

  1. Navigate to the live application.
  2. Click Settings -> Themes. The themes and the icons window will slide in from the right.

  3. Click on the required theme. The application reloads with the selected theme.

Selecting a New Icon

To set icons,

  1. Follow the first two steps of Selecting a New Theme section. 
  2. Choose the Icons tab.
  3. Enable the Use icons toggle button to display status as Yes.

  4. Zoho Creator displays the application components on the left with the default icons next to each component name.
  5. To change an icon, select a component and choose an icon from the displayed list. Also, you can search for an icon by specifying the value in the search bar.
  6. The selected icon is displayed next to the component.
  7. Click Save

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