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Send sms notifications to your Application users when a Form is submitted. For example, when their order is received, package is delivered, or bill is due etc. Zoho Creator offers a default connection along with other supported connections as well for sending the SMS notifications.


  • To send sms notifications when data is edited or deleted, refer to the Send SMS deluge task.

Configure SMS notifications from GUI

To configure SMS Notifications from the GUI, refer to the following steps:

  1. Access Form Settings and click on Notifications -> SMS.
  2. Check mark the Enable SMS Notification checkbox to enable the sms notifications. Unchecking it will disable the SMS notifications.
  3. Connection: You can use the default connection provided by Zoho Creator or create a new connection with any of the supported SMS Providers with whom you have an account. The supported SMS Providers are listed below:
    • Twilio
    • Clickatell
    • Screen Magic
    • ClockWorkSMS
    • Hoiio


    • New Accounts created after March 10, 2017 will not support default connections. Users will have to create a connection with the supported SMS providers listed above to send SMS notifications.
  4. To use the default connection, select Default from the list of connection names (or)add a new connection and select the newly added connection name from the list.
  5. Specify the mobile number with the country code in the To field. The format of the mobile number varies with the service provider from whom the connection is taken. If Default connection is selected, the mobile number has to start with country code without the + sign. For example, 91xxxxxxxxxx, where "91" is the country code of India. You can also assign the mobile number values dynamically to the "To" field. To do this, mouse over the To field and select the icon displayed on the right-side of the "To" field. This will display the single line and numeric fields in your Form. Select the required field which contains the mobile number.
  6. Specify the SMS message in the Message field. You can also assign values dynamically to the "Message" field. To do this, mouse over the message field and select the icon displayed on the right-side of the field. This will display the zoho variables and fields in your Form. Select the required field to insert its values in the message box. For example, in the screen-shot given below, the Message starts with "Dear ${Added_User}" , where Added_User is the field name which stores the name of the user who added the record.
  7. Click on Save to create the SMS notification. The SMS will be sent when new Form data is submitted.

    Default SMS

If you already have an account with the SMS providers supported by Zoho Creator (i.e, Twilio, ScreenMagic, ClockWorkSMS, Hoiio or Clickatell) you can add a new connection using the username, password, account id or api key of your account, depending on the service provider.

Add a new connection

To add a new SMS connection,

  1. Click on Add Connection in the Connection drop-down.

    Default SMS

  2. Choose an SMS Provider from the list of service providers listed in the "Add Connections" page.

    Default SMS

  3. Specify a unique connection name.
  4. Specify the other parameter values like username, password, account id, api key etc. These parameters may vary depending on the service provider selected.
  5. Click on Submit.

    Default SMS

  6. The new connection name will be listed in the Connection list box of the SMS Notification Page. You can also add a new connection directly from the Account Setup -> Connections Page from your Zoho Creator home page. All the connections will be listed in this page, as shown in the screen-shot below.

    Default SMS

Configure SMS notifications using deluge script

Zoho Creator provides Deluge functions that can be used to send SMS dynamically as part of an automation script. Refer this help page for more information.


  • Notifications can also be configured from Automation section. Please note that rules containing multiple tasks will not be listed under Notifications section. It will be present under "Automation" section. For example, if a single rule contains both Push Notification and SMS Notification, it will be listed under Automation and not under Notifications.

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