Zoho Creator Plug-in for MS Word

Zoho Creator Plug-in for MS Word

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  • This Zoho Creator plug-in is compatible with MS Word 2010 (and earlier versions) that is installed in Windows 7 or any earlier version of Windows.
  • Please send an email to support@zohocreator.com for any queries or clarifications.


Zoho Creator plug-in for Microsoft (MS) Word is a simple yet powerful tool to create mail merge documents using data stored in Zoho Creator. It allows you to seamlessly import field values into your MS Word document, directly from your Zoho Creator apps. You can simply insert the required merge fields to create templates that can be reused, create a fresh document for a unique purpose or create a set of documents with different field values from your Zoho Creator apps. For example, a sales executive can use this plug-in to draft a mail to his manager with his sales details for the day. Similarly, a contractor can use this plug-in while drafting contract documents to retrieve his contract info that is stored in their Zoho Creator app.

High level points of using Zoho Creator plug-in for MS Word:

  1. Install the Zoho Creator plug-in for MS Word.
  2. Log in to your Zoho account to use the plug-in.
  3. Import the required field values to create your mail merge documents.
  4. Save your document for any further use.


  1. Download the plug-in installer and run it. (Click here to download)
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions carefully and proceed with the installation till you see the Installation complete message. (Send an email to support@zohocreator.com if you encounter any error)

After successful installation, you can start using this plug-in to create mail merge documents as mentioned below.

Create Mail Merge documents

  1. Access MS Word.
  2. Click on Add-Ins. Your installed Add-Ins will appear.
  3. Select Zoho Creator from the drop-down, as shown below.
  4. Select Sign In, as shown below. You will be prompted to log in to your Zoho account.

  5. Enter your account credentials.

  6. Click on Sign In.
  7. If you have Two Factor Authentication enabled,
    1. Go to https://accounts.zoho.com
    2. Click the Two Factor Authentication link. The authentication page appears.
    3. Click Manage Application Specific Passwords. A pop-up appears.
      1. Enter the Device (or) App Name in the text box.
      2. Specify the Current Password that is used to log into Zoho.
      3. Click Generate. A random password will be generated.

      4. You can use the email address used to log in to Zoho and this generated password to sign in to Zoho Creator Plug-in for MS Word. You have signed in.
  8. Choose the required application, the required report in the selected application and the required fields in the selected report to insert in your document. For example, Sales Application > Sales Report > Quantity and Price fields. Here Sales Report is a report for Sales Application. Quantity and Price fields are fields in Sales Report.
  9. Select the field values you want to insert in your document and click on Start Merge.
                   Screenshot displaying Quantity and Price fields merged with the document 


    • Save the document before clicking on Start Merge to save the document as a template, for reusability purpose. 
    • Checking Merge in separate documents will create a new document for each selected record.
  10. Select the record(s) you want to merge with your document in the po-pup.
  11. Click on Merge. For example, values for Quantity and Price fields will be imported into the document, from the selected record as shown below.
  12. The following screenshot shows the newly created mail merge document with values stored in Zoho Creator.
            Screenshot displaying imported field values in the mail merge document.


    • You can use the search box in the Merge records popup window to search for required records and insert them.
    • For each selected record, a new page gets created in the same document with the selected field values. For example, if we select 2 number of records, it will create 2 pages with values of each record in each page.


  1. While searching for numeric records in Merge Records pop-up window, please provide the full and exact numeric value to yield search results. For string values, you can simply search using the first few letters.
  2. Once you click on Merge in Merge Records pop-up window, your document will get imported with the selected values. But the task pane on the right will disappear and wont re-appear until you create a new mail merge document or open a saved document.

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