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Zoho Creator mobile version enables you to access all your applications created in Zoho Creator and those shared to you, from your mobile browser. You can access your ZC Forms from your mobile, submit and view the data. You cannot edit the applications from your mobile.

To access the mobile version from your iPhone , iPod Touch and other mobile browsers, go to or If the mobile version is not enabled, you can enable it by clicking on the "Mobile Site" link given in the Home Page. Refer the Limitations section, to learn about the limitations that apply to mobile browsers not supporting javascript.


  • Access all the Forms and Reports defined in your application and those shared to you.
  • Add, Edit and Delete data. Shared users can add, edit or delete data only if access permission is provided by the app owner.
  • Search data from the Form View.


  • A Form which has a two columnar layout will be displayed only as a single column layout in your mobile.
  • File upload field is supported from ios 6 and above.
  • You can view data only as a Summary. Other report formats like List, Grid, Calendar and Charts are not supported in this version.
  • Custominzation and Rebranding in mobile is not supported.
  • Any URL that has # tag will not work, if the mobile version is enabled.
  • For 'Captcha' to work in forms through Safari browser, make sure cookies are not blocked. You can find this setting in Settings -> Safari -> Block cookies.

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