Publishing Application Components

Publishing application components

You can make the forms, reports, and pages in your Zoho Creator applications publicly accessible by publishing them. This allows your application components to be accessible to even those who don't have a Zoho account.

When you publish a component, Zoho Creator generates the following for it:

  • Publish URL: This allows your end users to access the component without having to log into their Zoho account
  • Embed URL:  This allows you to embed the component as an IFrame in your digital assets like websites and blogs

To learn how to publish a component, please refer to:

Things to know

  • The publish and embed URLs contain and not Zoho Creator uses the creator.zohopublic domain to serve the published components. The domain extension varies according to the data center that your Zoho account belongs to - .com for accounts in Zoho's US DC, .eu for those in the EU DC, .in for those in the IN DC, for those in the CN DC, and for those in the AU DC.
  • The changes you make to a component will automatically be cascaded to its published version. However, you can separately customize the appearance of the published version. Refer to forms, reports, and pages to learn more.
  • The following system variables will behave differently in published components, even when the end user is logged into their Zoho account. This behavior is designed to ensure the privacy of the end users accessing your published components:
    • zoho.loginuser will return Public instead of the logged-in user's username
    • zoho.loginuserid will return null instead of the logged-in user's email address

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