• Default value for max_records is 100,000
  • Maximum value for max_records is 200,000
  • The value for max_records must be specified as multiples of 1000.
  • When max_records is defined in the initial bulk read API and the recordCursor has been generated, the limit shall not be modified for subsequent requests with the recordCursor
  • Minimum value for max_records is the same as its default value (100,000)
  • Result will be available for download for a day (24 hours)

Throttling Limits

  • Create Bulk Read Job -
    •  5 requests for a user/minute.
    • 15 requests for an Org/minute.
  • Download Result Job -
    • 10 requests for a user/minute.
    • 30 requests for an Org/minute.
Note : For subsequent requests, optional params like fields, criteria, max_records should not be sent. Only record cursor is supported in subsequent requests