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Following are the list of patches rolled out to address existing issues in Zoho Creator.

1. String Comparison Issue Fix

This fix has been rolled out to address an existing flaw in string comparison results. When two strings entered dynamically in a field are compared, any existing space before or after the strings are ignored. This returns incorrect comparison results. The following code added to the "On User Input" section of "Name" field in a Zoho Creator form explains how this fix works.  

var = input.Name.replaceAll(" ","");   // returns the name after removing all spaces from it
if (input.Name != Var)                      // assuming we enter a name with a space, for example, " John"
alert("not equal");
  • The "Name" field holds " John" and the variable "var" holds "John". 
  • When the fix is not enabled, it returns an alert "Equal", which is wrong.
  • When the fix is enabled, it returns an alert "Not equal", which is correct.

2. Client Script Actions Enhancement

This Property optimizes the execution of Client Actions like 

  • Set Variable, 
  • Hide/Show, 
  • Enable/Disable, 
  • Select/Deselect, 
  • SelectAll/DeSelectAll, 
  • Alert, 
  • Add/Append, 
  • Open Url.

in the following Form and Field actions:

  • Form Actions - On Add - On Load
  • Form Actions - On Edit - On Load
  • Field Actions - On User Input
  • Sub Form - On Add Row
  • Sub Form - On Delete Row
  • Stateless Form Button - On Click

On enabling this property, you can check whether the scripts you have written under these actions execute correctly or send an email to support [at] zohocreator [dot] com in case you face any problems.

3. Security Enhancement

As part of our strict and regular safety measures, we have released a new security enhancement for Zoho Creator. This security update addresses vulnerabilities related to user login pages. Enabling this enhancement includes potential breakages in the following functionality of Zoho Creator,

  • Embedded or Published Forms, Reports and Pages in live mode

In case you detect any breakages in the above mentioned feature, please write a mail to to remedy the occuring conflict.

4. Performance Enhancement

This performance update is aimed at performance optimization of Zoho Creator. It particularly deals with performance issues in Zoho Creator's Pages feature. You may notice visible improvements in appearance and load time of Pages. There are, however, potential breakages in the following feature upon enabling this update,

  • Pages - Irregular Content Filtration

In case you detect any breakages in the above mentioned feature, please write a mail to to remedy the occuring conflict.

5. Client Script Performance Enhancement

This update resolves Zoho Creator performance issues due to Client Actions. Increased number of Client Actions may cause increased load times and browser hanging issues. To address this concern, enable this update and check for the following potential breakages,

  • Form Client Actions

In case you detect any breakages in the above mentioned feature, please write a mail to to remedy the occurring conflict.

6. New Sharing Rule Issue Fix

We have fixed the issue in the New Sharing Rule options under Users and Permissions section.

How it works before the fix:

The New Sharing Rule(defined) will be inoperative when the rule contains Roles and Subordinates in the Shared From or Shared To fields. The Default Application Permissions will apply to the module.

How it works after the fix:

You can define a rule to share records associated with a role and its subordinates to other roles and its subordinates with the specific level of access permissions. When the rule is created, the records of the Shared From roles and subordinates can be accessed(Read-Only or Read and Write) by Shared To roles and its subordinates.

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