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1. What is a Trial period?

Zoho Creator Trial Edition gives you full access to all the premium features(including telephone support). By default, it starts from the time you sign up to Zoho Creator and lasts for 15 days. After 15 days, your account will be moved to Forever Free plan. Note that every new customer is eligible for a trial edition.
If you signed up for a Free edition and want to try the premium features for 15 days, please contact us from the support page or send us an email to

2. Is Zoho Creator free to use?

Zoho Creator is completely free for personal use. Meaning, it allows you to

    1.Create 3 apps
    2.Have 3 users (including administrator)
    3.Store 250 Records per user(form submissions)
    4.Create unlimited Reports
    5.Store 100 MB size files per user (maximum of 5MB per upload)
    6.50 emails per day
    7.Unlimited Email and Forum support

This link tells you why you need a paid version. Refer the full pricing details for complete information.

3. How to confirm the Zoho account?

After the sign up process, you will receive confirmation email from Zoho (with the subject “Welcome to Zoho“). If you do not find it in the Inbox, check in your SPAM/other folders. Alternatively, you can follow the steps mentioned at to send the confirmation email again and activate your account with Zoho.
If you still have problems, please escalate it to

4. What is a Workspace?

In Zoho Creator, the term Workspace refers to the common space provided to the users to facilitate complete management of the applications and work as a cohesive unit. A workspace can be formed by:

  • Set of People: Sam, John, Lisa use the workspace as users and John playing the admin role
  • SMB/Enterprise: ABC Mart, XYZ Corp where 100's of users inside the organization use the workspace and one of the user playing the admin role
  • Educational Institutions: Teachers and Students collaborating within the workspace and one of them playing the admin role
  • NGO's: 1000's of volunteers and supporters collaborating within the workspace and one of them playing the admin role.

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