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You can back up your application with data by selecting the Backup Apps link in your Setup page. You can also obtain a copy of the backup file after the application is backed-up. The backup zip file will include the deluge script file and a set of .csv files containing their data. However, zip file will not contain the files that were uploaded using the file upload field. You can also restore the backed up application very easily by just selecting the Restore button in the Backup screen.

                                                                                                       Screen-shot of the Backup screen

Graphical Explanation 

The following image provides a graphical explanation of the advantage of Backup App feature:

Things to Know

Availability: Stable.
Edition: Professional, Enterprise, Professional Express and Enterprise Express.
Synopsis: Run scheduled or unscheduled backups for applications and use them to restore the application when required.

    Use Case Scenario

    Let's say we have a Customer Management Application for a publishing house. It consists of Customer Contact Form, Customer Details Form, and Subscription Form (including associated reports). We schedule periodic backups, which run on a weekly basis. In event of an application crash while making some updates, we can simply restore the previous week's backup, so that a great deal of the developments we made from the time of its creation till the latest backup are restored. If there is a need to undo a few updates made to the application, there is no necessity to manually remove the updates. We can simply restore the application to a previous date, when the updates were not yet made. Thus, this feature eliminates the hassles of rework.

    Flow of Execution

    The following flowchart outlines the step-wise process involved in using the backup feature:

    Steps to backup your application

    1. From your Homepage, click on  (settings) icon on the top right corner. You will be navigated to the Setup page.
    2. In the Setup page, click on Backup Apps under Data Administration. The Backup apps page will display:
      • Backup List : List of all the backed up applications
      • Backup Schedule List : List of scheduled backups
      • Backup/Restore logs : Backup and Restore logs
    3. To start a new backup, click on Take a New Backup
    4. In the "New Backup" dialog, select the application to backup and its required frequency. If the frequency is set as Monthly, Yearly or Weekly then you can configure the time at which the backup will take place. Then click on Backup Now.
    5. When the backup is in progress, the Backup/Restore Logs  tab is selected and shows the status as 'Backup Started' with the start time.
    6. When the backup is completed, the backed up application will be listed under Backup List tab, along with the version number and the date of backup.
    7. The Backup Schedule List contains the list of scheduled backups which will take place according to its configured frequency. From here, you can set the backup status as Active or Inactive, edit the frequency of any scheduled backup and search for backups using search keywords.


      • Only one backup schedule per application is supported.

    Steps to restore a backed up application

    1. Click the Restore button from the Backup List tab of the Backup screen for the application you want to restore.
    2. Check the details in the Restore dialog and click Restore Now.
    3. The restored application will be listed in your Home page.

    Steps to download the backup file

    • Click the Download button from the Backup List tab of the Backup screen. The backup file is a .zip file that includes the Deluge script file of the application (.ds file) and a set of .csv files containing the data. The backup will not contain the files that were uploaded using the File upload field.

    Perform backup actions from dashboard

    1. You can perform Backup actions such as creating, restoring, downloading and deleting a backup directly from your application dashboard.
    2. On the right side of your application dashboard, under Backups, click on New to take a backup of the current application.
          Screen-shot of "Backup" section from the application dashboard with the option to create a new backup
    3. Once the backup is complete, it will be listed along with options to retore, download and delete it.
          Screen-shot displaying a backup with "restore", "download" and "delete" options respectively

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