Turn your Google Sheets to custom applications in 2 steps

Turn your Google Sheet into a custom application from inside your Google Drive. All your data and data-relationships will be replicated perfectly. It's easy as pie. See how it works.

STEP 01 Connect Google Drive to Zoho Creator

STEP 02 Convert a Google Sheet into a custom application


Online spreadsheets are good. Custom applications are better.

Online spreadsheets are a great place to start a project. They're perfect for collaborating in small teams, but as projects grow, spreadsheets just aren't enough. You might want to automate processes or schedule routine tasks. Maybe you need to secure your data with access control. There are a lot of things that online spreadsheets aren't built for. When you need something truly powerful, something that takes the load off you and your team, something that keeps working even when you're sleeping—you need a custom application.

Delegate to the machine.

Automation used to be difficult and expensive to implement. Not long ago, if you wanted to automate your processes, you had to be a business with deep pockets that could hire skilled developers. That changed with the low-code revolution. With Zoho Creator, building and automating a custom business application is as easy as using a spreadsheet.

What is Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform that provides the tools you need to build a custom business application. No prior programming knowledge is necessary. Just drag and drop to build applications that manage your data, automate your workflows, or streamline your business processes. If you can think of an application helpful to your business, you can build it with Zoho Creator.

More than spreadsheets.

It's fast, simple, and secure to automate your business.

Data clarity

Enter and update data easily with forms and instant data validation. Get a clear overview and helpful insight with pivot tables and charts, a custom dashboard, and a broad array of reports.

Schedules and automation

Whether it's a routine chore or a task that has to be triggered when criteria are met, the scheduling and automation features take care of the drudge work.

G Suite integration

Just log in to Zoho Creator with your Google account. You can also install Zoho Creator through the G Suite Marketplace and access it with the Google One Bar. It's simple.

All devices, all of the time

Web, tablet, or mobile—the device doesn't matter. Build your application once and it'll work perfectly across all platforms.

Secure permissions

Keep your sensitive data protected while ensuring that team members can access the information they need.

Drag-and-drop development

Use the drag-and-drop UI and script builders to achieve anything you can imagine—no programming experience required.

Build your own custom application.

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