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Zoho Creator is the easiest and fastest way to build custom applications on your own, online. Watch a Video

1You need more than just a blob of data

Just collecting data is easy. Making sense of it all is the hard part. Zoho Creator makes data drill down and data analysis easy.. With Zoho Creator's different types of views and reports.. group, sort, filter your data and make it easier to analyze your data..

2Not just reports and analysis, you get a lot more:

A business application is just not complete with the data and reports. You need to add workflow and business rules to your application to make it robust and intelligent. With Deluge Script, Zoho Creator's very own scripting language, adding all this to your application takes only minutes.

3Zoho Creator is easy:

Don't let workflow and business rules scare you. No .. you don't have to be a geek to put it all together.. You could know nothing about programming and languages and still build your customized application.. just the way you want it.. on your own. Our drag and drop interface makes adding business rules as simple as building the form itself.

4Integrated with other Zoho services:

Not just customized reports and business intelligence.. Power your application with data from other popular Zoho services too. Zoho Creator is seamlessly integrated with other popular Zoho services such as Zoho CRM and Zoho Invoice. Manage your customer surveys and send out invoices right from within your customized application.

5Domain level sharing and more:

For any online service.. Collaboration is the key.. Apart from letting you share your application with your friends and contacts.. you can also share your application to your colleagues. The domain based sharing in Zoho Creator lets you share your application with all the users in the same domain as you and also provides a common workspace to create all your org specific apps.

6Affordably priced:

If you thought all this goodness would come at a hefty price.. We would be only too glad to tell you.. Zoho Creator is extremely easy on your pocket and costs you just a fraction of what other business application platforms would cost you. And no that's not all.. With unlimited support which always comes with a smile, it isn't too bad a deal now.. Is it??

Don't just collect data

  • Analyze Data
  • Generate Reports
  • Drill down and draw interesting insights
  • Include workflow and business rules


Not only will we import your data, we will also build you a skeleton application. You can go on and customize it just the way you want. Import your Google Docs Now »