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Predict outcomes, client behavior, and supply demand

Predict results based on insights from millions of past data. Target the more-likely-to-buy leads, predict what they'll do, and show them the right offers and content that'll entice them through the sales funnel faster.

Sentiment analysis

Interpret feedback, reviews, surveys, and support tickets

Get sentiment scores for people's text, and tag them as positive, negative, or neutral. Automatically identify dissatisfied customers, categorize their issues, and prioritize their requests.

Optical character recognition

Eliminate data entry, transcription, and paperwork

Scan documents and image files using OCR to digitize their data. Use this data to automate office tasks, like organizing and reporting, thereby enabling employees to focus on core business tasks.

Keyword extraction

Convert text into tags and keywords

Want to quickly gather customer questions? Zoho Creator can extract the most important words from huge datasets in seconds. This way, you can easily see what your customers are asking for without having to actually read every conversation.

Object detection

Identify the presence of common objects

Building object detection methods isn't a straightforward task. Use our pre-trained models to identify and locate everyday objects in images or scenes.


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Zoho Creator apps aren't static. They're designed to continually evolve as they function.

For example, when you feed your app enough historical data on consumer behavior, it'll eventually be able to predict how those consumers—and others like them—will behave in the future.

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