Everything you need to go from a plan to an app.

Building an app involves a lot of moving parts. With Zoho Creator, you get a clear way of planning and representing your idea. While we take care of servers and the upkeep cost, you can focus on your business logic.


A handful of tools to guide your digital transformation

Structure your app from the bottom up.

  • Break down your app by each form and its entities.
  • See how an entity and attribute are related, and how actions affect one another.
  • Control how users access your apps by creating profiles for them.
  • Drag and drop elements to set up your workflows to work automatically.

Master the art of rapid app development.

  • Develop your entire app on a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Save time by employing pre-built schedules on your apps.
  • Use default scripts instead of coding from scratch.
  • Repurpose workflows you created in other apps.

Embrace visual development in dashboards.

  • Create eye-popping pages with a code-free drag-and-drop builder.
  • Pick panel designs for your dashboards from a gallery of pre-built templates.
  • Dive into detailed reports from your dashboards through personalized buttons.
  • Feel free to completely overwrite default HTML and CSS on these templates.

Enjoy maximum returns for minimal investment.

  • Download free iOS and Android native mobile apps for each custom app.
  • Launch your apps internally on corporate Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools.
  • Customize settings and access apps in your preferred language.
  • Publish components of your app for customers and outside stakeholders.
  • Set up portals for external vendors and let them log into your apps.

Build apps as dynamic as your needs.

  • Audit and track each change made to a record.
  • Back up a version of your app anytime (but know that we've got your back, too).
  • Tweak your apps in a secure sandbox, without affecting live apps.