How Zoho Creator shaped SRM into a one-of-a-kind university

A top-ranked private university stepped up their automation game by digitizing all of their academic processes. Read on to find out how SRM got rid of bulky ledgers, outdated attendance systems, and wasteful circulars using Zoho Creator, in their pursuit of becoming a truly paperless university.

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Processes automated using Zoho Creator

  •   Course Selection
  •   Communication
  •   Attendance
  •   Exams
  •   Accreditation
  •   Events
  •   Counselling

Key advantages:

  • Instant communication

    SMS, email alerts, and push notifications are sent on time across multiple departments.

  • Multiplatform support

    The app can be accessed on phones, tablets, and laptops by faculty and students.

  • Increased efficiency

    Online attendance trackers, QR codes for event registrations, and calendar reports ensure streamlined processes.

"Right now, we're using six apps—six critical apps. So we can say that Zoho Creator runs our critical business processes".

Prof. Anand,

Prof. Anand,

Executive Secretary

Going paperless: A university's digital transformation journey

SRM University is one of the top ranked private universities in India. Founded in 1985, it's always been a game-changer in education, with its interdisciplinary curriculum, diverse student base, and excellent placement records. With over 45,000 students, 3,000 faculty members, and dozens of departments, there's a substantial amount of data to be managed. Their biggest challenge was managing all of this data on paper. 

They were looking for a customizable solution and were open to trying something new. That's when Zoho Creator came into the picture, and since then, there's been no looking back. Within a year, they implemented a revolutionary academic system automating most of their operations, and as of today, they have six critical apps running their educational processes—all built using Zoho Creator.

Discover how SRM built a university management system using Zoho Creator

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