Zoho Creator as an enterprise application platform (EAP)

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With so many rapid market and technology changes, businesses are always looking to remain digitally agile and up to date. For companies seeking to rapidly respond to new business opportunities with custom-built solutions that drive business agility, scalability, and integration, an enterprise application platform (EAP) can be an effective way to cater to their unique needs.

What is an enterprise application platform (EAP)?

Enterprise application platforms are systems that allow users to build, deliver, manage, integrate, and extend enterprise applications. These solutions demand complex customizations based on evolving business requirements across multiple functions, like sales, marketing, operations, customer service, and more. They also demand future-proofing across multiple platforms and effortless scalability to support the organizational growth curve.

In this report, Holger Mueller, Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, who specializes in next generation apps and tech optimization, analyzes how Zoho Creator has redefined EAPs with its deeply integrated platform.

Key highlights include:

  • Zoho Creator's offerings
  • Market segmentation and trends
  • Key capabilities and market observations
  • Creator's journey
  • What to look for in Zoho Creator
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