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What is a digital workplace?

Digital workplaces enable new and effective ways of working that enhance the employee experience. With constant technological advances, you can continuously reform your workplace to better achieve your business goals.

Simply put, the digital workplace includes all the tools and solutions to facilitate an innovative and collaborative work environment. It delivers a positive experience for employees by improving engagement and productivity.

Why do you need a digital workplace?

With a digital workplace, you can bring people, processes, and technology together to provide a secure and structured employee experience anywhere, and at any time. Make your digital workplace a unified entity and use digital transformation to enhance the way you work.

Higher productivity

A digital workplace helps in streamlining business processes and removing communication blocks, which contributes to overall business productivity. Digitization helps you streamline processes and enables employees to get more work done in less time.

Effective employee engagement

Employees in different locations can use digital workplace tools to communicate, collaborate, and connect with each other. A digital setup also leads to greater employee engagement, as employees collaborate more effectively, thus improving transparency for internal business processes.

Employee engagement

Enhanced customer experience

Digital technology can effortlessly automate processes and approval workflows, reducing costs and improving the quality of service. It also helps fetch customer data and insights seamlessly to enhance your products’ features and provide a better customer experience.

Customer experience

Lower operational costs

Empowering employees digitally can help save time on enterprise operations and decrease operational costs. It also boosts productivity with do-it-yourself tools that help customers resolve issues faster. And, with digitization, you can go paperless, which reduces material costs.

Better process control

As more businesses work to improve services and processes as part of their digital transformation efforts, automation will play an increasingly important role. A digital workplace allows employees to focus on more complex tasks that require problem solving and innovative ideas. At its core, process automation eliminates the need for employees to be tied to manual, repetitive tasks.

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How do you create a digital workplace experience?

Facilitate self-service

Enable collaboration

Create unified spaces

Think mobile

Implement gamification

Set up location-independent spaces

Harness AI-powered workspaces

Why Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator is a digital workplace platform that’s powerful and flexible enough to adapt to your business needs. It’s intuitive, and comes with a host of templates and plug-ins which enable your teams to create process-specific applications easily. It helps workplaces transition into modern, connected environments that are aware of its occupants.

  • Multilevel approvals

  • Prebuilt integrations

  • Autoscaling

  • BI & Analytics

  • AI-powered apps

  • Unified data services

  • Native mobile apps

  • Serverless functions

  • One-click deployment

  • Multi-developer environment

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Automate your processes with a low-code digital workplace platform

With Creator, you can build custom workplace solutions that will help you with:

Task management

Enable different teams in your organization to create applications that help them plan, coordinate, and monitor work progress effectively.

Process management

Keep all your operations process in one place, and make it accessible to anyone to pull out important insights.

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Project management

Get accurate real-time updates about ongoing projects, and keep track of the planning, initiation, execution, monitoring, and closing of a project.

Employee management

Track employee activity in real time, as well as requests made by employees for leave, travel plans, reimbursements, documents, and more.

Asset management

Integrate your applications with inventory or equipment lists, and update information like current availability, and item location or status.

Case management

Solve any style of case work, including investigations, incident management, service requests, employee onboarding, and bug tracking.

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"Our company turned into a digital army when they realized the possibilities with Zoho Creator and started creating applications themselves. I was so delighted when non-programmers from our HR and accounting teams developed their web and mobile applications with minimal help from IT."

Jojo Guingao, VP Aboitiz




Hrs of development time saved

"Zoho Creator has given us extraordinary agility in the market. Whatever the need, we can build, deploy, and sell it with a relatively tiny go-to-market timeline and cost model. It's the ability to say to any client: "Yes, we can do that." That's a superpower."

Shelby Spencer, CTO Briotix

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital workplace software?

Digital workspace software is a cloud-based solution that centrally controls the elements of your organization's IT assets, from collaboration tools to productivity tools, applications, and data. Team members can collaborate seamlessly with digital workspace software in place, whether they're working remotely or from the office.

Why is it important to have digital workplace software in place for your business?

A digital workspace provides a unified platform for accessing all your apps, data, and more from a single place, without having to switch between multiple apps. This not only saves time but also enhances the employee and customer experience. Businesses can use comprehensive digital workplace software, with prebuilt collaboration tools, automation, and more, to boost the productivity and engagement of their employees.

What is the role of low-code platforms in enabling a digital workplace?

Low-code takes a visual approach to software development, which requires little or no coding knowledge. Low-code platforms integrate business and IT teams and redefine relationships between various teams. With digital adoption speeding up for businesses of all sizes, low-code platforms are playing a crucial role in enabling the digital workplace. Read this blog for more information.

Who are Zoho Creator digital workplace solutions for?

Your entire organization can use Zoho Creator to digitize their workplace, giving users the power to make the transition quick and hassle-free. With its easy-to-use app building tools, Zoho Creator breaks down the technical barrier for all professionals, helping IT and businesses work together better. This helps in creating an operational system of records to keep track of the progress of projects.

How does a digital workplace benefit your organization?

Digital workplaces boost collaboration, increase efficiency, enhance employee engagement, reduce costs, and unify employee experience.