Hello world

In 1972, Brian Kernighan, a Canadian computer scientist, wrote a line of code in BCPL programming language, to generate these two words on a screen.

Though not the first ever sentence displayed on a computer, these words represent the evolution of information technology as we see it today.

From the straightforward “hello world,” we’re now in a maze of technologies around application development—one that’s difficult to understand for the majority of people.

To make it a bit easier, we present to you, “Decode”.

What is Decode?

Decode is a technology digest from us – Zoho Creator.

And who are we?

We are a low-code application development platform from Zoho, recommended by Gartner.

Our objective with Decode is to simplify complex concepts around application development for real-world problem solving.

Who is Decode for?

Decode is for anyone interested in application development be it be a layman or a wizard.

"Who is Decode for?"

What content will you find here?

We cover two broad types of narratives in our articles.

The first is aimed at breaking down technology trends and concepts as an insider, under “Know Your Tech.”

Being a low-code platform, our niche is in abstracting the layers of application development. So under “Create Your Way,” we share behind the scenes details on how we solve everyday business problems.

So what’s next?

Dive in!

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