Time to get out of your Spreadsheet nightmare

Here are some points we think you should take into account.

Microsoft Excel 2007 Zoho Creator Platform
Software Cost
  • Per user license - $229.95
  • IT maintenance cost for upgrades and security patches
  • Subscription starts at $10/user/month
  • Create unlimited apps
  • Un-subscribe anytime
  • Accessible only from your own machine
  • Email the spreadsheet or put it in shared repositories for wider access. Duplication & synchronizing is always a problem
  • Available On-Demand
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime, all you need is just a browser with Internet connection
Data Integrity
  • Spreadsheet is designed to be a personal productivity tool. As long it is handled by a single person, things are fine
  • Multiple users working on the same data, reports and analysis, results in conflicting modifications. Syncing becomes error-prone and very tedious. Also maintaining single version of data is a great challenge.
Real-time data can be accessed by everyone all the time. No conflicting modifications, enforcing data integrity and consistency.
Data Security
  • Data security is just one level. You could password protect your spreadsheet.
  • Spreadsheets are available your on local machines and prone for easy data loss/theft
  • Application access is protected with secure user name and password
  • Application can be accessed only by the users with whom you have shared the application with
  • Permissions can be controlled like read-only, read-write etc..
  • Application is hosted in secure and redundant server grids
Publishing There are no direct publishing options, to host in your blog, web pages etc.,
  • Embeddable forms/views in your blogs or web pages as widgets
  • Embedded views are always live and up-to-date
  • Always serves the same version of the data. Absolutely no duplications of any kind
Data Export Limited export formats You can export your data in the standard formats like - PDF, XLS, HTML, RSS, JSON.
  • Spreadsheets are built for one person
  • Emailing a spreadsheet is the only way to collaborate
  • Conflicting modifications are to be synced manually, which is error-prone and laborious. Maintaining single version of data is a great challenge, could become even an impossible task
  • Easy to share applications with others
  • You could even share application to anyone ie., general public
  • Ability to share application with fine-grained permissions like Read-only, Read-write and multiple levels of sharing like sharing the entire app -or- or just form/view
  • Ability to revoke sharing permissions anytime
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