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01 Quick-start

Jump-start with existing data

Zoho Creator supports one-click migrations from Excel, Access, FileMaker, Caspio, Google Sheets, and more, and has advanced capabilities to directly pick relationships and formulas from your source.


02 Data Operations


Collect and manage data

With built-in digital forms, you can easily collect input from users in an organized manner and perform advanced data operations. Our free app builder even allows 250 API calls/day, to help you pull vital information from other apps, too!

03 Intuitive Builder

Drag-and-drop app building

Model the application's architecture and the logical structure of your database, create attractive applications, and configure advanced workflows by simply dragging and dropping code blocks in the UI.


04 Advanced Automation


Factor in scenarios and stay notified

Add conditional logic, exceptions, and business-rule/scenario-based workflows with simple drag-and-drop code blocks. Quickly configure real-time alerts on predefined conditions and get up to 50 email notifications per day with our Free plan.

05 Performance and Analytics

Manage performance and usage

With prebuilt dashboards and reporting capabilities, you can create and embed advanced visualizations in your app, without having to integrate with a third-party reporting application for your analytics needs.


Integrate seamlessly

Tired of juggling between multiple applications while running your business? Our app builder offers out-of-the-box integrations with top third-party applications, helping you operate and analyze your business from a single, consolidated instance.

Integrate seamlessly
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FAQs on custom app builders

Do I need a custom app?

A custom app is essential when standard, off-the shelf solutions cannot fully accommodate specific business requirements, such as offering particular functionalities, scalability and features designed specifically for your requirements, rather than relying on generic applications.

Can I build Android and iOS apps using custom functionality?

Yes, you can create dynamic mobile apps from a simple idea or outline. With Zoho Creator, you can design applications on web, mobile, and tablet interfaces in one go, which are then readily available to directly access on both Android and iOS devices.

What is the main difference between native apps and custom apps?

Native apps are specifically designed for a particular platform (like iOS or Android) using platform-specific programming languages, providing optimal performance and leveraging device capabilities. On the other hand, custom apps are tailored solutions developed to meet specific business needs or requirements, often using a mix of technologies and frameworks, and can be designed to work across multiple platforms.

Do I need programming skills to use a custom app builder?

No, many custom app builders are designed to be user-friendly, allowing individuals with minimal or no-coding skills to create functional applications using a no-code app creator or drag-and-drop builder, promoting an intuitive user experience.

Is data security ensured when using a custom app builder?

Almost every reputable custom app builder prioritizes data security. It's essential to choose a platform that implements encryption and secure authentication, and follows best practices for safeguarding user data.