The company

TechyWe is a technology service provider, focusing on software development, digital transformation, and business architecture. Founded in 2004, they have 12 years of experience working with multinational companies like Avianca, AutoFacil, and Carvajal, among others. They also have leading technology and digital transformation teams who successfully implemented the first agile organizations in the region.

The challenge

The team required three different types of systems and licensing for their CRM, ERP setup, and project software. This turned out to be extremely expensive, and they weren't able to integrate with third-party integrations easily, or customize any special features that they required.

Their operations included using emails and Excel sheets, leaving them unable to follow up with their customers, create offers and discounts, verify and control the sales flow, or control their finances.

Why TechyWe chose Zoho Creator

Having gone through Google searches and multiple testing options, TechyWe came across various platforms that just couldn't cater to their customization needs, and were unable to configure the unique modules they required. Ultimately they found Zoho Creator, were pleased with the testing phase, and decided to choose the platform.

The solution

After adopting Zoho Creator, the organization has automated a large number of modules/processes. Some of these are:

  • CRM - Leads control
  • CRM - Follow-up with leads
  • CRM - Creation of quotations
  • CRM - Opportunities process
  • ERP - Accounts
  • ERP - Human resources
  • ERP - Payments
  • Project costs and resources
  • Project dates and deliverables
  • Reports and metrics

With these vital tasks automated, they can now develop and modify almost everything. For automated applications, the drag-and-drop interface makes it extremely easy to use—and, for their user-friendly solutions, they integrate their frontend development using widgets.

Benefits and ROI

With their custom applications built on Zoho Creator, the organization has seen an 80% growth in sales.

TechyWe has also automated core processes and streamlined manual tasks, while ensuring they didn't compromise on their customization needs.

They have completely switched from spreadsheets and now have full overview and control over their finances, sales flow, and customer engagement.

professional services
professional services
professional services
professional services


WCube’s operational efficiency has improved by leaps and bounds with their Agile BPM software custom-built on Zoho Creator.

Results include:

Technology cost savings in lieu of technology debt that would be incurred building complex BPM software customized for their needs

Just-in-time (JIT) inventory management allowed them to improve their productivity by at least 25%

Their business has shown 2x MoM growth, as the platform has managed to handle complex uses, adaptability to scale up, and last-mile adoption.

In terms of revenue, WCube has scaled up from transacting about half a million (INR) a day to millions a day now

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“With Zoho Creator, we have seen an 80% growth in sales and are now up to date with our expenses.”