Connecting with communities who use Sign Language

Silent Voice was struggling to manage data with the legacy tool they were using—a tool that forced staff to fall back on a paper-based record keeping. In this ebook, you’ll learn how Silent Voice leveraged Zoho Creator to build custom applications to transform the way they worked.

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Key takeaways:

  • Their clients can now submit forms online, at their convenience.

  • Staff can now enter their own records from anywhere, at any time.

  • Silent Voice’s quarterly report-making process went from days to hours.

  • They're able to create customized apps for all of their programs.

"With the potential of Zoho and the ease of its use, really allowed us to go from being stagnant in a platform that just was not for us, and did not have that quick customization that we needed. I mean, we went from that to using Zoho for our existing programs on our current database tool, and now we are expanding to every programme that we offer, and even a few more that we'd like to offer."

Wanda Blackett

Wanda Blackett

Resource Development Coordinator, Silent Voice

Moving towards digital excellence

Founded in 1975, Silent Voice Canada is a charitable community organization serving Deaf adults, youth, children, infants, and their families, in an American Sign Language (ASL) environment. Silent Voice empowers Deaf persons through an array of accessible direct client services and educational programming in ASL (American Sign Language).

Silent Voice set up one of their programs—IHP ASL Services (Infant Hearing Program, American Sign Language Services)—on Zoho Creator to see if it would meet their needs, and right away they saw the great potential to streamline their processes.

After the successful trial, they quickly brought all the workflows they had in their previous database management tool over to Zoho Creator, and then they started creating custom applications for the other programs they offered.

This changed the status quo of their day-to-day operations, resolved the problems they were facing at the time, and streamlined their operations.

Find out how Silent Voice digitally transformed themselves using Zoho Creator.

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