Transporte Tortoriello creates apps 75% faster with low-code

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Key takeaways

  • They have created applications 75% faster

  • They have accelerated the digitization of the company's operations

  • Saved time and cost of hiring a team of developers

"The platform helps me develop applications quickly. While others take a month, I have an application ready in a week."

Daniel Iuzzolino,

Daniel Iuzzolino,

Systems Manager, Transporte Tortoriello

Zoho Creator provides a low-code, cloud-based, scalable platform to accommodate the unique business needs of every organization.

Transporte Tortoriello , a prominent logistics company in Argentina with over four decades of experience, recently made significant strides in streamlining its processes. However, the company faced significant challenges. To address these issues, the company's new Head of Systems, Daniel Iuzzolino turned to Zoho Creator, a flexible and affordable solution that allowed him to develop custom applications without the need for a dedicated technology team.

Not only did Zoho Creator provide Daniel with the flexibility he needed to create custom applications, but it also allowed him to do so at a much faster pace than traditional development methods. With Zoho Creator, he was able to create applications up to 75% faster, enabling him to accelerate the digitization of the company's operations without the need for a dedicated technology team.

As a result, Transporte Tortoriello was able to transform its operations and significantly improve its customer service while also reducing costs. With Zoho Creator, the company was able to focus on the company's needs, leaving IT infrastructure and security worries behind.

Learn how Transporte Tortoriello , a 40 year old logistics company, digitized their business operations with custom solutions built on Zoho Creator

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