Delivering life skill training through course management software built on low-code

About the organization

infiniAcademy is an initiative by infinitheism. infinitheism is a spiritually rooted organization founded by Mahatria to inspire people to make the best of their lives, achieve fulfilment in relationships, experience happiness, and find an intersection between materialism and spirituality. infinitheism's live events, public programs, outreach initiatives, digital webcasts, books, and videos have inspired millions of seekers across the globe to live a life of holistic abundance.

infiniAcademy provides a range of digital courses which include a structured learning module and topic-based short courses by Mahatria that help redefine one's approach to life.

We had a conversation with Mr. Balakrishnan, software delivery manager at infinitheism, where he talked about how, as part of their infiniAcademy initiative, they built and launched their own tailor-made education software with the help of Zoho Creator.

Here's an excerpt from our interview.

Can you please explain to us the work infinitheism does?

We offer life skill training through e-learning programs. We were looking for a course management platform that would work out along with our new project launch—infiniAcademy. infiniAcademy is an e-learning website that offers various courses on life skills. Since infiniAcademy was a newly launched project at that time, our feature development requirements were also very dynamic. This is a unique project for us and we were executing on it for the first time, so we wanted a solution that was highly customizable, easy to get started with, and rapid to build, too.

What other tools did you try out?

We tried a couple of custom-built PHP tools and a custom CRM, but they needed too much time and effort. Also, we were already using Thinkific, a platform to create and sell online courses. But there was one limitation that came with it; it didn't support Indian rupees for payment processing.

We were looking for an application that constantly syncs with the Thinkific platform and collects data at various stages, like sign-up, course purchase, course enrollment, and student progress. We're glad that we chose Zoho Creator to handle these requirements.


Even though infiniAcademy was very new to us and each stage of the processes in it were unique, with Zoho Creator, we were able to convert those processes into workflows and apps quickly. More importantly, the Zoho Creator application development period has been much shorter when compared to traditional development. We were able to build full-fledged applications, functions, API calls, and webhooks with minimal labor and fewer reworks. We built a complete stable version in less than 2 months, and currently the system handles close to 100 new students every week, revolving around all stages from lead, conversion, and sign-up to course completion.

How exactly are you using Zoho Creator for your business?

We've built applications on Zoho Creator for various purposes:

Student registration and course purchasing – This module helps our students complete admissions online, thus eliminating huge amounts of paperwork for our admissions team. Since Creator's online forms are embedded in our website, it makes it easy for our team to search and retrieve data on the backend, in real time. Our entire admission process—submitting student applications, tracking the status of applications, inquiry, and enrollment—is automated on Creator. This also includes an order management setup that handles student course payment, invoice processing, and coupon management.

Student database – When a student registers for a course on our website, a repository of their data collected on the form, such as their name, phone number, and course details, gets created on the backend. This data along, with their course progress details, stays updated till the end of their journey with us.

Payments and invoice generation–With the prebuilt RazorPay integration, we're able to easily direct users to the payment gateway when they register for paid courses, and keep tabs on fees paid with detailed reports. We've also set up alerts and notifications for successful or failed payments, and push payment statuses to other reports, with this multipurpose platform.

Marketing campaigns– Recently, we pulled campaign data from different social media platforms. This has helped us track and analyze our number of followers, active and scheduled campaigns, and total ads run so far. We also analyze campaign response patterns and follower activity using graphs that can be viewed in several different styles.

Consolidated dashboard -We've built an extensive dashboard that displays an overview of students enrolled, tutors available, courses open, payments received, and more. We can now conveniently keep track of our revenue from each course we offer. This also helps us keep an eye on how many students are enrolled for each course, and metrics such as turnout and payment status.


When it comes to overall benefits, we saved lots of time and effort in all aspects. Zoho Creator facilitates better data collection, analysis, and report making to save time and effort for all stakeholders. It has also eliminated confusion about pending payments and missed dues. Though we started out exploring this platform for a payment automation module, now we've built a complete backend system on Creator to monitor the overall progress of our website.

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