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  1. harishankar.m

    We do not support a full fledged shopping cart functionality.If users will just select multiple items, without specifying item-wise quantity, we have a mechanism for allowing them to choose multiple items from a list and send the total amount while checking out.Please contact us at for any assistance in this regard.

  2. harishankar.m

    Yes. It is indeed possible. When payment takes place, the payment details are received from Paypal. These details will be stored in Creator, mapped to the originating record. Further, the On-Success script is called, enabling you to specify your own order-processing logic.Please check the help document at Feel free to contact for any assistance.

  3. mark.superjuke

    Our Zoho application is used for online bookings. At the moment when a customer makes a payment their booking/payment details are carried forward in the URL and placed in the payment gateway for payment by credit card or PayPal etc.. This works well, however the booking/payment detail information is one way traffic. We then need to match the payments (which we can do easily because of a carried forward transaction ID) with the booking in order to manually issue a receipt acknowledgment of payment. My question is that with your new Payment Module using PayPal and c/cards, is there a way whereby the ZC application will be able to acknowledge the payment, and we can automatically issue a receipt. In other words, a customer clicks on the payment link (as they do currently) and are transferred to the payment module (as they do currently) they make the payment but the payment confirmation details are then recognised by the ZC application and an auto email is sent as a confirmation receipt. Setting up auto emails is not the issue here so I hope I am explaining myself, the issue is does the Payment Module talk back to the application and recognise the payment in a way that can be used to issue a receipt … just like a shopping cart

  4. Raagavan

    jfranc,Yes, it is possible by asking your customers to send the email to your helpdesk application’s form email address. Take a read, or write to for assistance.

  5. jfranc

    can we create a zoho helpdesk ticket by having a customer send an email to the zoho helpdesk application?

  6. Raagavan

    Ryan,Sure, you can do that with create() task for Zoho CRM. Records can be added to any module in Zoho CRM. Do try it; let us know at for any assistance you might need.

  7. Ryan

    WOW – I was just about to buy this functionality somewhere else – now I can integrate it with my other work.
    Can I build in crm information into the script. I would like to add the buyer to my crm data base when they buy. Thanks