University of California, San Francisco
 (UCSF) is committed to providing the safest and highest quality health care. According to the

US News & World Report
, the UCSF Medical Center, which operates out of two major facilities at Parnassus and Mount Zion, is one of the nation’s top 10 hospitals. To continually refine the care they provide, the UCSF had to monitor and measure the treatments their patients received and evaluate their performance against their own rigorous standards, as well as industry benchmarks. We had Alfio Levy, a project manager at UCSF Medical Center, explain how

Zoho Creator
 served their need.

Alfio says, “UCSF has many departments that frequently needed to interact and be in constant communication with each other. And that includes departments situated across the two facilities. For instance, the nursing units need to receive pharmaceuticals from the material services department. They would fax an order across, and the materials would be delivered. It was working fine, except that we faxed about 4,000 orders every month. And that was a lot of manual work in both departments. It was also not possible to track the stocks periodically, so we would sometimes be left with no stocks till the order is delivered.”

“Another major challenge we had to address was ownership; one person would place an order or initiate a transaction, but almost always, someone else follows up to close the order. And before any loop could be closed, we perform Quality Assurance related checks. Everyone needed to know who did what, so a detailed log at every point of contact had to be recorded. This collaboration demanded a complex workflow, and could never be pulled off using paperbacks.”

should admit that I have previous lightweight programming experience. I
should have fallen for the workflow approach, because I was able to
implement everything I had in mind with Zoho Creator.

Alfio first tried to implement this workflow using Microsoft SharePoint, but he soon realized it was pretty cumbersome. Just about that time, he stumbled upon a Macworld magazine that recommended Zoho Creator, and he opted to try the online system. Condition based email scheduling helped him in identifying those areas that required intense attention, decide quickly on what supplies were needed frequently, and ensure they never run out of stocks. They had a lot of tasks that required authorization, and access control logic was absolutely essential. He could easily make Zoho Creator handle it all.

By providing the automation, efficiency and trend-analysis at an affordable cost,

Zoho Creator
 effortlessly overthrew all other options for UCSF Medical Center.

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