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Zoho Creator

A low-coding platform that lets you build online database applications for your unique business needs. Visit:zoho.com/creator

New in Zoho Creator: Searchable Lookup, Exposed Formula Field and Flexible Custom Actions

There has been plenty of activity going on at Zoho Creator lately; regarding Forms, Views, and everything database. The changes they bring are intended to...

Zoho Creator 2 min read

How Zoho Creator found its way into a Business School Curriculum : A Success Story

Time and again, businesses from varied backgrounds deploy customized Zoho Creator applications for their varied needs. While it is easy to imagine a few run-of-the-mill...

Zoho Creator 2 min read

Just In : Subforms in Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator makes building on-the-fly business apps a breeze. And today it gets even better: Introducing subforms! Zoho Creator users are familiar with the many...

Zoho Creator 2 min read

Cloud computing and productivity revolution

“You can quote them; disagree with them; glorify or vilify them. But the only thing you can’t do is ignore them” (thanks, Apple, for that...

General , Zoho Creator 2 min read

Build Order Forms, Increase Sales: Zoho Creator Payment Module

Just recently, the payment module in Zoho Creator was introduced. With the help of this module, users can set up a payment gateway using their PayPal account....

Zoho Creator 2 min read

Can Small Businesses Benefit from Custom Software Apps?

Every business can benefit from custom software applications, regardless of the service or product it offers. However, if you are a small business, spending on the right...

General , Zoho Creator 2 min read

Prototyping with Zoho Creator: A Unique Use-case!

Zoho was a platinum sponsor at this year’s CRM Evolution Conference, held in New York on August 10. The event brought together many CRM users...

Zoho Creator 1 min read

Zoho Creator and The Playwrights’ Center – The Plot Thickens

Premise:   The Playwrights’ Center focuses on both supporting playwrights and promoting new plays to theaters across the country. Significantly, they offer over $200,000 in...

Zoho Creator 2 min read

Zoho Creator – Zoho CRM Integration : A success story of Credible Systems

Guest post by Mark Thurman of Credible Systems: Credible Systems joined the Zoho Alliance Partner Program 2 years ago, with Zoho Creator as their main focus,...

Zoho Creator , Zoho CRM 2 min read