A user sent us this,

” Hi, I want to learn Deluge to be better at scripting, is there anywhere I can download the file from so I can read it offline and learn it?”.

I think that’s a great way of learning. Though we had thought about this while releasing Zoho Creator2.0. We were unable to take this up owing to other small, big and large tweaking works which crept up at the last minute. But when users started asking for it, we made it ready.

So here is the link to download the Help Document . Hope this helps you to get to know about Deluge Script at your convenience.


Coming back to users, we are really excited to see some of the excellent apps created in Zoho Creator using the power of Deluge Script. But the app which Pete Thomas of Share Tactics has created is something extraordinary. He rightly calls this system as “Collecting data without human intervention”. He has an extensive blog about the app in Share Tactics.

Thanks Pete for exploring Zoho Creator to such an extent.

  1. Allen Christian ENOMBONG

    just want to test Zoho recruit

  2. Allen Christian ENOMBONG

    just want to test Zoho recruit