Workplace Safety Management

Ensure your workplace is safe for your employees with Zoho Creator

Businesses need the right tools to ensure a safe and productive experience for their workforce. Every business, big or small, has to tackle challenges, like keeping employees protected, communicating changes, and redesigning workspaces. With our Workplace Safety Management application, effectively manage workplace hygiene and minimize risks.


Make your workplace safer

  • Support admin to ensure office safety

    Assign and track critical admin tasks, like performing deep cleaning, and ensuring that required materials are available. You can also monitor the progress of each task using our color-coded dashboard, and perform audit checks once completed.

  • Adopt fast, easy employee screening

    Use the employee declaration form and gather relevant information to gain complete visibility about any potential risks. You can then use that data to make decisions on employee requests.

  • Identify high-traffic areas

    Observe the flow of people in different buildings and facilities on your campus, and identify high traffic spots, like building entrances and cafeterias. Send automatic notifications informing facility teams to sanitize those areas at regular intervals.

  • Redefine visitor and contingent workforce protocols

    Keep a close eye on visitors by recording accurate visitor records—like name, date, person to visit, and time stamping. Measure body temperature and other vitals to reduce the potential risk of exposure to your workforce.

  • Get feedback from employees

    Keep your employees informed about the latest workplace communications, and help them adapt to new ways of working. Encourage employees to express concerns and submit requests at any time, from anywhere.

  • Centralize important information

    With an all-inclusive dashboard, keep a tab on employees working from anywhere, the number of visitors and employees per building, and employees who need consultations.

Power of the Creator platform

  • Go mobile

    Any application built on Zoho Creator is instantly available on any device or operating system. Whether your employees are working from home or at the worksite, allow them to check in and out with a click.

  • Integrate

    Connect your app with existing systems in your organization, like your HR or inspection management software, or any other third-party software, and gain access to the information you need, without any disruptions.

  • Customize

    The drag-and-drop workflow builder, coupled with guided scripting, makes customization in Zoho Creator a breeze. You can include new features or modules, like a document resource center, to ensure your team is up to date on the latest safety instructions.

Install, customize, and make it yours