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Automate quotation generation and be more responsive to your customers' quotation management needs. Use this application to manage quotes for the products and services you offer, and receive quote requests, process them, and send them directly to your clients.

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Keep pricing within reach

Streamline quote generation

Create full-fledged quotes with client names, quotation numbers, and product-related details, along with personalized notes and images. Directly convert these quotes into sales orders without reentering data and email it to your clients with a single click.

Have your entire client list in one place

You don't have to search through spreadsheets or email threads to get client information. Store all details in a unified database and make it easy for your team and your clients to collaborate better.

Catalogue your products and services

Add new products and services by entering the product name, rate per unit, and a unique ID. Directly retrieve product-specific details from this catalogue and use them to generate quotations.

Draw insights from data-driven reports

As your client base grows, so does your data. Crunch numbers, map related data, and present them in a meaningful way using Zoho's comprehensive reports. Schedule appointments, search and filter client details, and compare performance stats.

Your quotation management software, your way



Our quotation management software is fully customizable, right out of the box. The drag-and-drop form builder, with our guided scripting feature, allows you to add new functionality to your apps quickly. You can add modules to suit business requirements and implement changes driven by user feedback.


Go mobile

To accompany every app you build on your computer, there's a fully optimized native one waiting for you on your smartphone. Enjoy all of your quotation management app's features from any location, on any device. You get limitless business functionality at your fingertips, all on the go.



Zoho Creator offers a wide range of prebuilt integrations, such as Google Workspace, Zapier, and Salesforce, making it easy for you to integrate your quotation management app with them. You can also integrate with online payment systems like PayPal, or inventory management software like SalesBinder, using APIs.

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