Automate the procurement process—from requisitions to receipts

With our automated e-procurement software solution, you can eliminate manual tasks in your procurement cycle. Regulate requisition creation, get complete visibility into the buying process, take control of your company's spending, and save lots of time. You can also enable budget control and approval workflows that lighten the buying process and cut approval times by weeks. And the best part, this online procurement software is 100% customisable!

Procurement management software - Dashboard & visualization
E-procurement software - Purchase order management
Procurement software - Vendor management
E-procurement solution - Procurement planning

Make requisition and purchasing as easy as online shopping

  • Simplify online purchase requisitions

    Our procurement software lets you speed up your procure-to-pay (P2P) processes—from requisitions to receipts. You can easily create purchase requests for catalogs and non-catalog items directly from product lists. Give users the freedom to buy whatever they need whenever they need it, without delay.

  • Dynamic approval-routing workflows

    Gain control of your purchases by setting up customizable approval flows for requisitions and POs. Automate your approval workflows to ensure policy compliance. Collaborate to preserve transparency, so you know the right people are approving the right purchases. Eliminate delays by managing approvals on the go, in this mobile-friendly procurement management software.

  • Digitize PO creation

    Manually generating purchase orders slows down P2P process time and requires multiple contract lookups to verify correct pricing. Improve efficiency by creating purchase orders and order confirmations from requisitions in a single click, or from scratch in a few minutes. Make sure you're always adhering to the negotiated pricing and contract terms from an approved supplier.

  • Control maverick spending

    Get comprehensive spending visibility at every stage of the procurement cycle. Empower your finance team to plan cash flow efficiently and tactically use your cash-on-hand to yield the best discounts. Check budget oversight when offering suppliers immediate payments to invoices in return for a spot discount.

  • Work from a vendor database

    Get the most from your vendor relationships. Manage and assess them all from one robust e-procurement interface, so you can select vendors based on your specific requirements. Create and send purchase orders to your vendors in a click. And configure notifications to help you keep agreements and conditions in legal contracts updated.

  • Speed up invoice processing

    Ensure invoices are captured and processed seamlessly. Payments can be made with confidence by matching purchase orders to invoices, and you can automate your invoice reconciliation process to eliminate errors. Mitigate risks by paying only invoices that comply with established conditions, and handle any surprise invoices before they even show up in accounts.

More than just procurement software. It's an end-to-end digitization platform.

  • Customize

    All our apps are fully customizable, right out of the box. Coupled with our guided scripting feature, Creator's drag-and-drop form builder allows you to add limitless functionality to your app. And you can easily add modules to suit your business requirements and work in smooth conjunction with the app.

  • Go mobile

    For every app you access on your computer, there's a fully optimized native mobile app waiting for you on your smartphone. Don’t keep the team waiting just because you’re away from your desk. Request, approve, or receive POs in seconds on web or mobile, and get notifications to alert you to any new items needing attention.

  • Integrate

    Integrate with a host of third-party e-commerce sites that synchronize with your purchase orders, and automatically update information based on orders fulfilled. Zoho Creator features integrations with a host of major software solutions, like G Suite, Zapier, and Salesforce, to ensure seamless connectivity between your various productivity applications.

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