Call Logs

Log your sales calls at double the speed.

Still logging your customer calls on pesky spreadsheets? Say hello to the online call logger. With linked data and auto populate features, sales reps can save time on manually logging their calls and use it instead to reinforce customer relationships.

See how the app works

From call duration to conversation history, the app has it all covered.

  • Add and maintain records for every call.

    Sales reps can quickly enter and update crucial information such as call start and end times, the type and purpose of calls, and customer details. They can view their own logs as well as their team's.

  • Get stats at a glance.

    Assess customer call patterns from weekly and monthly reports. Gauge customer sensibilities by getting the numbers on inbound and outbound calls. Evaluate individual sales reps' performance with team reports. 

  • Ease your team's workload.

    Analyze where the call traffic is greatest from reports and assign sales reps accordingly. The customer and sales rep databases are seamlessly integrated and make mapping easier. So you can ensure the load is evenly distributed, and no sales rep feels overburdened.

  • Assess call quality.

    Gauge customer interaction with stats on call quality and duration. Schedule follow-ups for calls and set reminders to be sent to the customers and sales reps whenever necessary. Record crucial information from the call right in the app for later use.

More flexibility. More power.

  • Customize.

    Tune your app to your needs. Add new features, tweak existing ones, or use it as a part of a larger work system. It's built on a low-code platform, so you can make any change with a simple drag-and-drop interface and a few lines of guided scripting. You can even change the theme to style the app as you like.

  • Go mobile.

    Since the app is supported on all mobile devices, work no longer needs to be confined to your office space. Assign and log calls, enter customer details, and view conversation history on the go.

  • Integrate.

    All Zoho Creator apps are tightly integrated with other Zoho products like Books, CRM, People, and SalesIQ to cover all your auxiliary needs. You can use Zapier to easily integrate this app with your existing software, or with third-party apps like PayPal and Google Suite.

Install, customize, and make it yours.