Property Maintenance Tracker

Leave no brick unturned with this multi-purpose building maintenance software.

Whether you're catering to residences or commercial buildings, this maintenance tracker helps you keep them in top shape. Advertise your services, handle maintenance requests, manage employees, and provide speedy and efficient services across departments with this end-to-end building and property maintenance software.

See how the app works

A building maintenance software to render facility management hassle-free

  • Get a head start on requests.

    Plug that leak before it turns into a flood. The building maintenance app automatically generates and assigns work orders to the pertinent employees as soon as a request is placed, and also notifies them by SMS or email, drastically reducing response time.

  • Say it with photos.

    Got a problem that's too complicated to explain? Tenants can take pictures of it and upload them instantly from their phones. Annotating photos and including short descriptions helps workers understand the issues better. This cloud-based property maintenance software has collaboration at its very core.

  • Follow through on repair work.

    Track and update the progress of maintenance activities in real time. Know what's pending and what's completed through detailed reports. Collect feedback on services rendered and improve on them in the future. Deploy dedicated self-service portals within this maintenance software to streamline communications with stakeholders.

  • Keep your data in order.

    Easily access and work with data by maintaining tenant, service, and employee information in one app. Organize everyday maintenance work better with employee profiles, where each associate can view, monitor and share feedback against their respective maintenance tasks.

More than just a property maintenance software. It's an end-to-end digitization platform.

  • Customize.

    Tune the app to your needs. Add forms, reports, and workflows with our user-friendly drag-and-drop builders. Whether it's a timeline to keep track of your repairs or scheduling periodic supervision, you can always make your app do more.

  • Go mobile.

    Every app in Zoho Creator—including this one—is available as a fully native mobile app. Employees and tenants can report problems and repairs from ground zero, complete with photos, right from their phones.

  • Integrate.

    We provide built-in integrations with a host of software, like Salesforce and Quickbooks, for seamless connectivity. You can also integrate your app with other Zoho Creator apps like Property Manager, Real-Estate Management, and more, to get the best of all worlds.

Install, customize, and make this building maintenance software yours