Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of business software?

Depending on the kind of business you run, your technological needs and the user’s role, you could be looking at different kinds of application software -

Function-specific v/s industry-specific: Unlike industry-specific apps that cater to specific industry needs, function-specific apps cater to functional problems that are industry-agnostic.

Customer-facing v/s internal-facing: The level of personalization and interactivity could be a lot higher for customer-facing apps vis-a-vis process-driven apps used by internal departments.

What is the difference between a business software and consumer software?

While consumer software are built to cater to individuals and need to be equipped with robust personalization and interactive capabilities, business software, need to be agile to seamless integrate and operate within the complexities and regulations adopted within a business.

Are prebuilt business software on Zoho Creator really free?

Yes, if you are using Creator free plan or the free trial version, you would be able to pick, install and start using any one software from the suite.You could use the free version to store upto 250 MB / user and this comes with an array of prebuilt integrations. Get the full download here

Are these business software customizable?

Absolutely! All these apps are powered by Zoho Creator's accredited low-code platform and are equipped with advanced visual development capabilities. This makes customization a cakewalk irrespective of your programming expertise.


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