Enterprise Application Development

Adopt the low-code approach to application development and increase efficiency in your enterprise by building robust cloud-based apps quickly.

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What are enterprise applications?

Enterprise applications are on-premises software or cloud-based apps that serve the needs of large, often global, organizations such as corporations, banks, and government agencies.


Challenges in enterprise app development

Traditional application development is time-consuming, cost-intensive, and requires a sizeable workforce of developers. Outsourcing of app development frequently leads to less than desirable results and can cost more to fix than to develop. To make issues more complex, each app has to be designed for web browsers, tablets, and smartphones individually, increasing costs and reducing efficiency. These challenges can be overcome with the low-code approach to enterprise app development.

Enterprise application benchmarks


Must work across multiple devices, networks, and teams distributed over continents and time zones..


Should allow users with varying levels of permissions to access information they need, while securing confidential data.


Must be easy to build and update. Should reliably handle large amounts of data and many concurrent users.

Zoho Creator: the low-code approach

Cloud-based low-code platforms like Zoho Creator address inefficiencies in enterprise application development by dramatically reducing the amount of coding required to develop an application.


Zoho Creator's low-code features

Drag-and-drop development

From building the UI to creating automation scripts, implement any feature with a drag-and-drop interface.

Automation and scheduling

Schedule routines or create automated workflows with a few clicks. Delegate tedium to the machine and focus on what's important.

User roles and permissions

Assign user roles so that team members have access to the information they need, while sensitive data remains secure.

Mobile-ready development

Applications developed on Zoho Creator run smoothly on every platform and device. Build each app just once.

Quick deployment

Make changes in the developer sandbox without affecting the live application. Once ready, a single click updates the app for everyone.

Reports and dashboards

View data as lists, spreadsheets, summaries or pivot tables and charts. Bring your information together and understand the big picture.

Develop enterprise apps quickly