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Billed AnnuallyFree for 3 users /user/month /user/month
Billed MonthlyFree for 3 users /user /user
Lite userFor users who do not need the entire feature set of Zoho Contracts but only need to approve or reject a contract, collaborate in a contract, or fulfill the contractual obligations.
Billed Annually- /user/month /user/month
Billed Monthly- /user /user
Creation & Document Authoring
Author contract document with our inbuilt editor powered by Zoho Writer.Inbuilt Document EditorYesYesYes
With advanced document assembly capabilities, simply choose the applicable clauses and the suitable languages based on the respective contract type's configuration. Save significant time during the authoring stage.Document AssemblyYesYesYes
The contract owner or collaborators who have Fill Fields permission can enter values in the fillable fields present in the clauses.Fillable FieldsYesYesYes
Import contracts in the draft, signed, and even expired states by uploading the required documents and manage them in Zoho Contracts.Import Contract-YesYes
Sharing & Collaboration
The contract owner can share the contract with other organization members who can either edit, review, view, and/or fill values in the contract fields.Contract SharingYesYesYes
Collaborative EditingYesYesYes
You can also set the visibility for comments to decide who among the stakeholders can view the comment.Contextual CommentsYesYesYes
Track ChangesYesYesYes
Contract Approvals
Parallel ApprovalYesYesYes
Sequential ApprovalYesYesYes
You can also set the visibility for comments to decide who among the stakeholders can view the comment.Contextual CommentsYesYesYes
Approval Delegation-YesYes
Negotiation & Counterparty Review
Say no to email attachments. The contract will be sent to the counterparty contacts online via password-protected links. They do not need a Zoho account to access and collaborate in the contract document.Online NegotiationYesYesYes
Members in the counterparty org to whom you have sent the contract document during negotiation can collaborate in real-time, add contextual comments, set visibility for comments and suggest edits to the document.Collaborative Editing between CounterpartiesYesYesYes
You can set the visibility for Comments to decide who among the stakeholders can view the comment.Contextual CommentsYesYesYes
Contract owner can track the suggested edits made by the counterparty.Track ChangesYesYesYes
The counterparty's primary contact can compare the current version of the contract document with previous versions if it has gone through multiple negotiation cycles.Compare Changes-YesYes
The counterparty's primary contact can view the negotiation history details if the contract document has gone through multiple negotiation cycles.Negotiation History Details-YesYes
Specify the order in which the contracts must be sent for signature. The signing order pans across the signer groups: Organization Signers, Counterparty Signers, and Other Representatives such as witnesses.Signing Workflow-YesYes
Reminders and NotificationsYesYesYes
No. of documents5 documents/month (only 1 user can send for signature)25 documents/user/monthUnlimited documents
Obligations Management
Contract Obligations Tracking--Yes
Obligation Reminders--Yes
Recurring Obligations--Yes
Renewals & Extensions
Contract RenewalYesYesYes
Contract ExtensionYesYesYes
During renewal or extension, Zoho Contracts automatically generates a renewal/extension letter. This letter captures the current renewal/extension details and the entire history of the contract.Renewal & Extension Letter GenerationYesYesYes
Renewal & Extension Letter Template Customization-YesYes
Renewal AlertsYesYesYes
Contract AmendmentYesYesYes
During an amendment, Zoho Contracts automatically generates an amendment letter. This letter captures the current amendment details and the entire history of the contract.Amendment Letter GenerationYesYesYes
Amendment Letter Template Customization-YesYes
Contract TerminationYesYesYes
Gain/loss calculation for terminated contracts. This feature is applicable for contracts with a sell/buy intent.Gain/Loss Calculation-YesYes
Termination Letter Template Customization-YesYes
Versioning & Activity History
Document RevisionsYesYesYes
Contract Activity FeedYesYesYes
Add/Manage Counterparty DetailsYesYesYes
Configuration & Customization
Clause LibraryYesYesYes
Predefined Contract Type TemplatesYesYesYes
Customize the predefined contract type templates using Template Builder.Contract Type Configuration & Template BuilderYesYesYes
Customize the picklist values present in various picklist fields across the application. For example, Counterparty Types, Contract Category, Obligation Category, Departments.Choice List CustomizationYesYesYes
Opt-in/out of email notifications for various contract milestones in the application.Email Notification Preferences-YesYes
Reports & Analytics
Standard Reports-YesYes
The Dashboard provides a high-level overview of your contracts at a glance. It displays Contract Activities, Total Contract Values, and Gain/Loss of Terminated Contracts.Analytics Dashboard-YesYes
Calendar & Contract Schedules/Reminders ViewYesYesYes
Enable salespeople to initiate contract requests from Zoho CRM, and track their status right within Zoho CRM.Zoho CRM Integration--Yes
Security & Data Privacy
Admin Audit Logs--Yes
User Access Logs--Yes
Download Logs--Yes
User Activity Feed--Yes
Classify and protect counterparty contacts' personally identifiable information. Manage data subject requests raised by them in compliance with data protection laws.Counterparty Data ProtectionYesYesYes