The challenges

Slow manual processes

SolveCube is a start-up, and like many others, it adopted manual processes for most operations. According to Uma, this manual approach was the biggest challenge for the company and was affecting their speed to market.

Availability and accessibility

One key issue was that the company was storing contract templates across disparate folders in Dropbox. This caused confusion when it came to accessing and creating new contracts, since the team did not know which template was the latest version and whether it was reviewed. It also impacted contract reviews with the legal team, as there were several clarifying emails sent back and forth.

Duplication of templates

Another major challenge for the company was dealing with global clients. This meant multiple versions of the same templates were to be created for minor tweaks in the language based on geography.

Our pipeline was growing so fast that we had to stall growth at one point because we did not have the necessary applications to keep up. That was our tipping point.

The solution: Zoho Contracts

The clear solution for SolveCube’s contracting challenges was a contract lifecycle management system. Their CEO, Chandru Pingali, is a strong supporter of digital transformation and wanted to quickly set the right digital foundation for the business while keeping scalability in mind. Since Uma and her team were already using Zoho Books and Zoho Recruit, Zoho Contracts popped up in their discussion. Their decision to go ahead with Zoho Contracts was sealed when the product demo impressed Uma.

Simplified contract authoring and improved visibility

The self-service capability in Zoho Contracts for contract creation and authoring ensured that even users without legal expertise could create and share contracts from the latest versions of the templates.

The central repository in Zoho Contracts enables the team to store all their contracts in a single place, giving them improved visibility, while the search and filter options allow them to access critical information whenever needed.

Better control over end-to-end contract management

SolveCube made optimum use of Zoho Contracts to automate and streamline their contracting process. Approval workflows ensure stakeholders are aware of all the risks and opportunities associated with a contract. The built-in esignature integration helps them get contracts signed in minutes, improving turnaround times.

The advanced analytics in Zoho Contracts helps admins refine their processes. They’re also starting to track and manage contractual obligations at an individual contract level.

The ability to add multiple languages for the same clause in templates, and the advanced document assembly feature that enables us to switch between languages with just a click, made the earlier cumbersome authoring process a breeze.

The outcome

SolveCube increased efficiency across multiple aspects of their contract management process with Zoho Contracts. While the team once scrambled to find suitable templates for their clients, Zoho Contracts has made this process much faster. Plus, these templates are almost always deemed acceptable by the client in the first go, which saves SolveCube time on all subsequent stages.

45% Improved speed to market

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