Why a Contact Manager

ContactManager is an ideal solution for small teams and business professionals who need a simple solution to manage their contacts and help them with day-to-day business activities. An insurance agent or a music composer, a start-up with a team of 5 or a fashion boutique for instance, ContactManager would be a perfect fit. They might try to use CRM or an address book. But then,.....

CRM is overkill

Software is one area, where bigger is not necessarily better. If you find traditional CRM systems to be overwhelming for your needs, then ContactManager might be a better fit for you.

Address Book is too primitive

You can use an address book mostly to store contacts. Expecting more out of it wouldn't be fair . But ContactManager can help you with other stuff like tasks, deals, email and team collaboration apart from managing your business contacts.

Many businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses, have difficulty finding effective contact management software. We say this with confidence and base it on the fact that contact management is often cited as the most-needed application in the thousands of discussions we have each year with CRM software buyers.

The challenge that most face is finding a system flexible enough to handle their specific contact management needs, without it being too complicated for their employees to use efficiently. Software is one of those cases where "more" is not necessarily "better". And, as CRM systems grow increasingly complex with a variety of applications and integrations— marketing automation, reporting and analytics, social media integration etc.— it's very likely that many businesses, particularly at the SMB level, will seek out best-of-breed contact management applications like Zoho ContactManager.

Craig Borowski  |  Market Researcher  |  Software Advice