Uncertain about the future of Highrise?

Following 37Signals' announcement that they are no longer investing in Highrise, you might be wondering about the future of the app and what it means for you as a customer. Zoho is here to help.

Zoho is offering all Highrise customers a free and easy migration to Zoho ContactManager so your business doesn’t miss a beat. Plus, we’re offering a three-month free subscription to those customers who migrate.

Switch to Zoho ContactManager without skipping a beat.

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Here is How you do it.

Step 1: Sign up with your Email ID and password. Also, enter your Highrise Domain and API token.

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Now, what are these? Highrise domain is the text that follows "https://" after you login to your Highrise account. Copy paste it from the address bar.

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You can find API token in your Highrise account. Follow these steps:

  • Login to your Highrise account
  • Go to "Account & Settings" on the top right corner
  • Click on "My Info"
  • Choose "API token" from the tabs and there it is
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Step 2: Sit back and relax. You can also take a tour of the product. We're sure, you'd love it! Take a look at how much of it has migrated.

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Some points to note:

Take your business higher, migrate from Highrise to Zoho Contact Manager and enjoy 3 months on us.

Sign up for Zoho ContactManager today and import your information from Highrise.