Getting Started

Getting Started

It's always not enough for a growing business to store their contacts in an email folder or a spreadsheet. A good contact management software is needed to organize everyone in your contact list. Contacts are not just customers; they can be prospects, vendors, contractors, etc.

Zoho ContactManager is an online contact management software that helps you to manage all your contacts, business deals, and emails at a single location. It is a system that lets you store a lot of information on each of your contacts. A simple tool for small businesses that has loads of features including email and social media integration, deals and task management, Email campaigns, etc., that lets everyone in a company work together using a single interface.

Benefits of Zoho ContactManager

  • Store and organize all your contacts at a single place.
  • Manage your business deals.
  • Better real-time collaboration with your team members.
  • Assign tasks and plan follow-up activities with your team.
  • Interact directly with your contacts using the smart email templates.
  • Categorize your contacts and other records using Tags.
  • Convert your website visitors into contacts using the Web-to-Contacts form.
  • Engage with your prospects via email and social media (Facebook and Twitter).

Setup your account

Start setting up your Zoho ContactManager account by providing your personal and organization details.

Get your team on-board

Add your team members to Zoho ContactManager and assign profiles and role permissions.
Create roles | Add Users

Import your contacts

Easily import all your contacts to you ContactManager account and save the hassle of adding them manually.
Import Contacts

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