Here’s what Feeds bring you.

Share and express

  • Connect with everyone

    Connect with everyone

    Whether it's a quick update, a thought-provoking question, or a hilarious meme, express yourself freely. Text, images, videos—the canvas is yours.

  • Every voice matters

    Every voice matters

    Have a great idea? Share it with your team and watch them turn it into a reality.

  • Engage in meaningful conversations

    Engage in meaningful conversations

    Comment on posts, share things you like or even voice notes, and tag teammates (@mention) to join the conversation.


Go beyond communication

  • Understand your employees

    Understand your employees

    Gain valuable data on user engagement through comments, reactions, and views to improve the overall employee experience.

  • Reach the right people at the right time

    Reach the right people at the right time

    Plan your announcements in advance and schedule posts to go live at the perfect time.

  • Make sure your message is heard

    Make sure your message is heard

    Mark posts as mandatory for others to read, track who has read them, and send reminders to those who haven't.

  • Embrace a world of voices

    Embrace a world of voices

    Effortlessly translate posts and comments, empowering employees from all backgrounds to participate and contribute, regardless of their native language.


Stay informed and connected

  • Company newsfeed

    Company newsfeed

    From company-wide announcements to achievements, the company wall keeps you plugged into the heart of all things happening within your organization.

  • Keep everyone informed

    Keep everyone informed

    Got something big to share? Make it an announcement and pin it up high in the feed for everyone to see.

  • Notifications that work for you

    Notifications that work for you

    Instant updates about company happenings ensure that you never miss important information.


Simplify your workday

  • Prioritize your reading

    Prioritize your reading

    Save articles, discussions, and forum posts for later, and revisit them when you're ready to engage.

  • Organize your work life

    Organize your work life

    Organize your day with a personalized view of your tasks, events, and Town Hall sessions all in one place.

  • Never lose a thought

    Never lose a thought

    Save unfinished posts, announcements, and polls as drafts, ready to be revisited and perfected when inspiration strikes.

  • Stay ahead of the curve

    Stay ahead of the curve

    Bookmark posts for later reference and follow specific threads to stay on top of what matters.


Empower everyone, value all

Empower everyone, value all Empower everyone, value all Empower everyone, value all Empower everyone, value all
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  • Have a burning question?

    Ask your entire organization and pick the best answer.

  • Need to make a quick decision?

    Create a poll and gather diverse perspectives.

  • Make everyone feel valued

    Create a vibrant workplace by spotlighting work anniversaries, personal milestones, and birthdays.

  • Want to get things done?

    Assign tasks directly from a post and turn ideas into action.

Here’s why Feeds matter.

Here’s why Feeds matter Here’s why Feeds matter
  • It improves internal communication

    By having company-wide conversations, Feeds bring everyone together in one place, making it easy to communicate.

  • It promotes transparency

    Feeds empower employees across all levels with access to critical information, fostering a culture of transparency and shared understanding.

  • It streamlines the flow of information

    Feeds gather all updates in one place, making sure everyone gets the right information, avoiding confusion, and making communication smoother.

  • It creates a culture of belonging

    Regular updates on company goals and milestones keep employees connected, making them feel valued and a part of something bigger.