Network Wall

The company wall or network wall is a great place to discover all relevant activities across the company in real-time. Keep everyone in your network posted on what's happening in the company by sharing updates on the network wall.

All posts made on the company wall are made available to all the network members. The posts can also be viewed under the My Feed page of individual network members.

My Feed

The My Feed page gives you a curated view of all conversations and updates relevant to you. In the My Feed page, you will be able to see updates from groups you belong to, members you follow, posts and comments that @mention you, and posts made on the network wall.

Group wall

Group wall is a space to communicate within the group. The group wall is meant only for group members in private groups, whereas in a public group, those outside the group can also view and post on the group wall.

Viewing Conversation Details.

The conversation details page gives you the feed statistics (number of participants, mentions, time of last reply) and also, more options like Copy Post URL and turning off notifications. To view this, click the timestamp on the post.

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