Creating a new group.


Groups are an ideal space for teams to work together. With built-in apps and admin capabilities, groups helps teams communicate better and work faster.

Creating a new Group.

There are three types of groups that can be created in Zoho Connect:

  • Open - All members in the network can view conversations and make posts or comments in the group, access the built-in apps such as Files, Manuals, Events, and Custom Apps and request to join this group.
  • Public - All members in the network can view group conversations,post and comment in the group. However, they do not have access to the built-in apps, and only the admin can add members.
  • Private - Only members can view and access the group.

Group type can be changed anytime later in the Group Settings page.

To create a new group:

  • Click Groups in the left menu, and in the new page, click the "+" in the top-right corner.
  • Enter the Group name, description, set the access level (Open, Public, or Private), and add members.
  • To add members from an existing Zoho org group to this one, click the icon in the right end of the Add Members field.
  • From the dropdown, select your org group.
  • Click Create.

Note: Depending on the policies set by the admin, all network members may or may not be allowed to create groups.

Enabling/Disabling apps for your group.

Depending on the purpose of your group, you can enable/disable specific apps for your group.

Apps available at the group level

  • Custom Apps: With a simple drag and drop interface, use intelligent forms to build an app that helps automate some of your team's work.
  • Events: It could be a team meeting or the launch of a new campaign, create events, and help your team keep an updated schedule.
  • Files: A document management system for your team to create and organize files.
  • Manuals: Build a knowledge base for your team.

To enable or disable these apps:

  • Go to the specific Group.
  • Click the Feeds dropdown at the top, next to the Group name.
  • Click Manage Apps.
  • Use the toggle to enable or disable specific apps.

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