Zoho Connect Overview

Zoho Connect is a collaboration software that brings teams, resources they need, and apps they use to a single platform. From ideation to successful implementation, Zoho Connect helps teams at every step by letting them: streamline team communication, create a document repository, build a knowledge base, create their own app, and manage their work plans.

Signing up for Zoho Connect.

If you are an existing Zoho user, you can sign up for Zoho Connect using your Zoho credentials. If you are new to Zoho, you can sign up at www.zoho.com/connect with your business email address. A verification email will be sent to your registered account. You can, however, proceed to creating your network and verify your account later.

Creating a network.

There are two types of network you can create using Zoho Connect:

  • Internal Network

    An internal network is exclusively for all your employees to collaborate and get work done. A user can be a part of only one internal at a time.

  • External Network

    An external network works the same way as the internal network, but you can add your partners, vendors, clients, and other stakeholders to the network.

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