Zoho Connect Basics

  • What is Zoho Connect?

    Zoho Connect is your organization's very own private social network, that lets you bring together your teams, partners, vendors and everybody who matter, and also, provides you with the space and the right tools to communicate and get work done faster.

  • How can Zoho Connect help businesses to communicate better?

    With Zoho Connect, you have access to many tools that can help you share and discuss better, together:

    • Post a message or update on your wall, or the network or group wall, and get conversations started.
    • Direct Messaging to anyone in your network.
    • Smart Chat that lets you have a one-on-one conversation with anyone in your network.
    • Chat rooms within groups for teams to hold discussions.
    • With all of this (and more), Zoho Connect can help you reach out to anyone in your network, anytime you want, and get information across faster.
  • Can I use Zoho Connect on my mobile?

    Yes, with the Zoho Connect Android and iOS mobile apps, you can access Zoho Connect from anywhere you want to.

  • How many users can join a network?

    You can add any number of users in both internal and external network, in the free and enterprise plan.

  • Can I add my company's logo to Zoho Connect?

    Your company logo can be added to Zoho Connect in the enterprise plan. To do this, you need to be the organization administrator. From the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of your page, click on Setup, and then click Customization. Under Logo & Favicon, you will be able to see the existing ones. Click on Change right next to the image to upload a different one.

  • What is My feed in Zoho Connect?

    "My Feed" is a dedicated space that gives you a real-time view of activities on the company wall and groups you are a part of, and updates from co-workers you follow. You can post updates, create events or polls, and choose to share them on the company wall, or group wall. You can also choose to share a post privately, to only a specific set of people.

  • How does company wall work in Zoho Connect?

    Company wall can be used to post network wide announcements. Any message posted to the company wall is visible to all members in the network, and all of them can participate in it as well.

  • How to create groups in Zoho Connect?

    New groups can be created while setting up the network, and can be created at any time later by the users. While creating the network, you have the option of activating pre-created groups, or creating a new group. Users can create groups anytime later by clicking on All Groups on the left, and then clicking on Create Group in the top-right portion.

  • Can I create private chat rooms inside Zoho Connect?

    Private chatrooms can be created within a Zoho Connect group.To create one, click on the chat room tab in the respective group, and then click on the New Chat Room button. In the form, set the chat room access as private, to make it accessible only to its members.

  • How can I create events in Zoho Connect?

    You can click on the Events tab in the My Feed page. You can fill in the details of your event, invite members to be a part of it, and post it on your wall or a specific group wall. Or you could go to a group and create an event within it by clicking on the Events tab. To create an event on the Network wall, you need to be a network administrator.

  • Can I integrate my events with the external calender apps?

    Zoho Connect offers a Calendar integration that lets you add events to Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Outlook Calendar.

  • What are custom apps and how can I use them?

    Custom Apps lets you create your own app, to suit the needs of your team. Zoho Connect's custom app builder has a simple drag-and-drop interface. All you have to do is place all the items you need inside the app-builder, and the app is ready in no time.

  • Do I need coding knowledge to create a custom app?

    No coding needed to build your custom app, just drag and drop the things you need, and the app you need can be built easily.

  • How many custom apps I can create inside a network?

    For enterprise users, there is no limit on the number of custom apps that can be created. Users who are in the free plan can create up to 5 custom apps. At any point of time, free plan users cannot have more than 5 custom apps, so if an extra app needs to be created, it can be done if any of the existing apps is deleted.

  • What is the difference between Network wall and My Feed?

    The company wall or network wall is for announcements and messages to be made or sent to the entire network. All members of the network will be able to view and comment on posts made on the network wall. My Feed is a dedicated space for posts related to the individual user. Each user gets their own My Feed page, where they are updated in real-time on posts where they've been mentioned, and posts made in groups they are a part of, or if any of the groups has been mentioned in a post. Network-wide updates also appear in the My Feed page.

  • How can I send a direct message to any member?

    To send a private message, click on Inbox, seen on the left, and your messages section will open. You can type out your message into the box, and type out the person's Zoho Connect username with an "@", and hit the send button. Your message will be visible only to the person/people you've sent it to, and only they can respond to it.

  • How to access the chat function in Zoho Connect?

    The chat function can be seen at the bottom of your screen. You can click on Smart Chat to start a conversation with anyone in your network. You could also add your co-workers to the 'buddies list' to quickly start a chat with them.

  • How to export data from Zoho Connect?

    To export your data from Zoho Connect, you need to be a network admin. From the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the page, select Setup, and then Export, and click on New Export. The export will include all public conversations in users' wall and public groups. You can choose to export all data, or select a few to be exported, and also select a time period for the export data. You can choose between json and xml for your data files, and these will be available as a .zip file download. You will receive an email when the export is ready for download.

  • What data can be exported?

    The following data can be exported:

    • Conversations or posts
    • Blogs
    • Wiki

    Conversations or posts and Wikis belonging to the entire network, or public groups can be exported by using the Select Location option.

    The same cannot be done for blogs as it is available only at the network level

  • Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime?

    The organization administrator can upgrade, downgrade or cancel the subscription, anytime. To do this, click on Manage Subscription, from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the page. In the new page, you can review your existing plan, choose a different one, and cancel your subscription.

  • What is the difference between Internal network and external network?

    An internal network is exclusively for employees of the organization- a common space for all the employees to bounce ideas off each other, discuss and work together. Also, each team can get their own space to do the same.

    External networks also come with the same set of features as the internal, but you can add your partners, clients, vendors, and other stakeholders and work together with them.

  • How many networks can a user join?

    Internal Network: A user can be a part of only one internal network at a time. To join another internal network, the user will have to be removed from the existing one. External Network: A user can any be a part of number of external networks.

  • How do I change the language in Zoho Connect?

    Each user can change the language in Zoho Connect by following these steps: Go to Zoho Accounts (https://accounts.zoho.com/) Click on My Profile Info -> Personal information Look for Language -> select your preferred language and then click on Save. Now you can go to your Zoho Connect network and refresh your browser once in order to view the changes.

    Zoho Connect supports the following languages: Arabic | Assamese | Bengali | Burmese | Chinese | Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) | Czech | Danish | Dutch | Finnish | French | German | Gujarati | Hebrew | Hindi | Hungarian | Indonesian | Irish | Italian | Japanese | Kannada | Korean | Malay | Marathi | Norwegian | Polish | Portuguese (Brazilian) | Punjabi | Romanian | Russian | Spanish | Swedish | Tamil | Telugu | Thai | Turkish | Urdu | Vietnamese 

Zoho Connect Security

  • How secure is Zoho Connect?

    Zoho Connect provides users with a secure collaborative platform. To know more about the security policy, click here.

Creating a Network

  • How to create a network in Zoho Connect?

    When you sign up for Zoho Connect, you will be prompted to choose between an internal and an external network. Internal network brings together all the members in your team or organization, and an external network lets your partners, vendors, clients and other stakeholders be a part of it. Zoho Connect lets you create one internal network, and any number of external networks, in both, the free and enterprise versions.