How does the ONDC network work?

  • Discover sellers

    On ONDC network, online buyers will search for products on buyer applications, and sellers' products will get listed on the app, along with your store details. Local discovery allows customers to recognize your products and your brand and helps build trust.

  • Purchase products

    Buyers will see products from all sellers on the ONDC network on a single screen. They can choose to buy from a particular seller based on the seller's ratings, delivery times, and other criteria on the buyer app.

  • Receive orders

    Once the order is placed, you, the seller, will receive the order details. You can choose a logistics company from the ONDC network and ship the products to the buyer. After the reconciliation window is closed, you will receive the payment.

  • Deliver happiness

    As more customers discover your services, your brand and services gain traction in the market, and your business and revenue grows!

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Why join the ONDC network?

Market reach

The ONDC network is a vast network of buyers and sellers, and it will drive the growth of Indian ecommerce for years to come. Being present here is one of the first things sellers should do to secure their future growth prospects. As more customers and buyer apps join the ONDC network, your reach will be amplified to millions of online shoppers from across the country.

Customer acquisition

You get more eyeballs on your product catalog without spending on marketing. The more shoppers who see your products, the higher your chances of making a sale. Additionally, the better the buying experience you offer, the more repeat purchases you get. That’s a win in our book!

Growth and profits

With the 'democratisation of ecommerce' that ONDC promises, businesses will get the benefits of lower commissions than existing marketplaces, little to no joining fees, and lower overheads with marketing spends. This will translate to faster growth and more profits for your business!


Better visibility into your customers, transactions, commissions, and competition allows you to make better business decisions. Especially with Zoho, you are sure to get a robust, complete, and secure platform to do business on. What's more, your privacy is never compromised!

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Why choose Zoho to onboard on the ONDC Network?

  • Effortless cataloging

    Products on your Zoho Commerce store are automatically available on the ONDC network. So you create products on one platform, and once connected, your products are on all the buyer apps!

  • Seamless management

    Manage your inventory, product pricing, and the orders you receive all in one place: Zoho Commerce. We track your inventory automatically and ensure you don’t have stockouts or sell your products at outdated prices across different applications.

  • Easy logistics

    Use the extended logistics capabilities of the ONDC network with hyper-local and national delivery partners. Whether combined or completely decoupled from your current logistics capabilities, you are ready to sell on the network from day one!

  • Automated accounting

    Zoho Commerce helps you automate tax calculations to be GST compliant. Easily file taxes, prepare returns, and monitor your accounting. Seamlessly integrate with the Zoho ecosystem for advanced accounting capabilities.

  • A complete solution

    Get more orders, fulfill them seamlessly, drive revenue, and automate marketing and reporting, all from one place—Zoho! Let your customers track deliveries and be delighted with you. Managing and growing an ecommerce business has never been simpler!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ONDC?

ONDC—Open Network for Digital Commerce is an initiative of the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce, Government of India to create an open-source network for ecommerce. The ONDC Network is owned, managed, and made available by ONDC, a Section 8 company registered under the Companies Act, 2013.


ONDC is aimed at making ecommerce in India more inclusive and accessible for all sellers and consumers. The network-centric approach allows a customer to view products and services from all the sellers who are part of the ONDC network on any ONDC protocol -enabled ecommerce buyer platform of their choice. The government hopes to democratize and decentralize ecommerce. It hopes to give equitable opportunity to all sellers with transparent network policies and fees. ONDC aims to raise the penetration of ecommerce from 8% to 25% in two years.

Who can join the ONDC network?

Any small, medium, or big (enterprise) businesses who want to sell products online can join the ONDC network. However, ONDC protocol is currently in the beta phase of testing. The protocol went live for consumers in 16 locations across Bengaluru on September 30, 2022. Currently, consumers can order groceries or food from restaurants through any ONDC protocol-enabled buyer application of their choice. However, all products and services can become part of the ONDC network after the testing phase.

What is Zoho's role in the ONDC network?

Zoho joined as a technology service provider. Currently, Zoho Commerce, a complete ecommerce solution for entrepreneurs, will help its users get onboarded to the ONDC network. Zoho's role may evolve as the need or opportunity arises.

How can a seller register on the ONDC network?

With Zoho Commerce, integration to ONDC protocol is a simple single-click process. Our support team will help you get registered as a network participant so your inventory can be seamlessly integrated to the ONDC protocol-enabled buyer-side applications.

What are the fees that ONDC will charge?

The fees that ONDC may charge will be minimal and limited to what will be necessary to sustain its operations. For the near future, ONDC will not charge any fees to Network.

Will Zoho Commerce charge a fee for integrating with ONDC protocol?

Zoho Commerce will not charge any integration fees to onboard sellers onto the ONDC network for now.

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