Stock management

Enable inventory tracking to adjust inventory levels automatically with each order. View your list of products along with the total count of each product, including its variants. You can increase or decrease inventory levels manually as needed to reflect current shelf counts.

Zoho Inventory integration

With the Zoho Inventory integration, all your products will be synced along with their product details. Any changes will be reflected in both your store and your inventory. This integration will enable you to make purchase orders, manage your inventory in multiple warehouses, and sell on marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.

Shipping integrations

Integrate with UPS or FedEx to streamline the shipping process. Once an order is shipped, the tracking code will be automatically included in the email sent to the customer. You can also print the shipping labels directly from Zoho Commerce.

Shipping rules

Define your shipping zones and add shipping regions that you serve. Set up custom delivery times and charges based on order price, quantity, and weight.

Inventory alerts

Get notified when a product is low on stock or out of stock, when an order is placed, and when a payment is made on your store. 

Track your inventory to ship them on time.

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